Church of SS. Vito and Ranieri

Chiesa dei SS. Vito e Ranieri (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Chiesa dei SS. Vito e Ranieri (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
The church, with the curiously domed bell tower that recalls Norman architecture, it is mentioned since 1051, but its appearance was very different at the time, as was its orientation. The façade was located to the west, like the church of San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno on the other bank, and the interior had three naves. It was the seat of the Benedictines from Gorgona. The current appearance, visible despite the war destruction, is the result of a notable restoration that took place in 1786. Since 1815, it has been entrusted to the Confraternity of San Ranieri. Inside we find the work entitled The rest from the Flight of Egypt by Aurelio Lomi and a cycle of frescoes, which covers an area of about 200 square meters, still unfinished, by painter Luca Battini on the Stories of San Ranieri.
San Ranieri, patron saint of Pisa: Son of the merchant Gandolfo Scacceri and Mingarda Buzzaccherini, Ranieri was born in Pisa in 1118. In his education he was joined by Don Enrico di San Martino in Kinzica, but his interests led him to singing and music and he was a hurdy-gurdy player. At the age of 19, Ranieri met the hermit Alberto Leccapecore, from Corsica, who led him to follow a path of redemption and prayer at the monastery of San Vito (and Ranieri). Considered mentally insane by his parents, given his unusual attitude, Ranieri began to assiduously frequent church and perform works of mercy. A legend tells that, near the church of San Pierino in Vinculis, he had a vision of a great eagle who gave him a message of fire: he had to leave for Jerusalem. In the Holy City he met a Roman woman, a compatriot, and together with her he dedicated himself to the care of the sick. Around 1140, Ranieri was visited by the devil who, speaking to him, threatened to pollute the soul of the priests and their faithful. Ranieri fell into a deep sleep for eight days and when he woke up he went inside the Golgotha chapel, took off his clothes and put on the habit of the penitent (which he still wears inside the urn in the Cathedral). Upon returning from the Holy Sepulchre, everyone saw a new light in Ranieri and immediately acclaimed him. In a dream Pisa appeared to him and he understood that he needed to return there. For the journey he was helped by Ranieri Bottacci, a Pisan captain returning from a mission to repair the damage of the pirate Trapelicino (see Arsenali). In the city his name was already famous and he was welcomed there as a saint, but he decided to retire to the monastery of San Vito in prayer, creating a home for the needy. He died on 17 June 1161 and was declared Lay Patron Saint of Pisa in 1632.
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