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Veduta Chiesa Santa Maria della Spina (A. Matteucci)
Veduta Chiesa Santa Maria della Spina (A. Matteucci)

Sant’Antonio is a route that starting from the center of the city, through the renewed Vittorio Emanuele square, continues with Keith Haring’s mural and the Domus Mazziniana. Then goes right along the Arno river who gives a little taste, then lead us in narrow alleys of the old town.

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Itinerary: Sant'Antonio

Murale di Keith Haring, Tuttomondo (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Keith Haring, Tuttomondo
When in 1989 Keith Haring (1958-1990), already internationally famous, painted his mural Tuttomondo on the wall of the Servi di Maria convent beside...
Facciata su Via D'Azeglio - Domus Mazziniana (A. Matteucci)
Domus Mazziniana
The Domus Mazziniana is situated in Palazzo Nathan-Rosselli, where Giuseppe Mazzini died in 1872. The building was declared a National monument on 20...
Mura (Mura di Pisa)
Mura in via Nino Bixio e porta San Gilio
Along via Nino Bixio some fragments of the southern and western part of the 12th century city walls still stand. There are three postern gates in the...
Sostegno Canale Navicelli
Sostegno and Navicelli Canal
During the reign of Cosimo I de' Medici a canal was dug from Pisa to the Old Fortress in Livorno (Fortezza Vecchia) to connect the port of Livorno and...
Chiesa di San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno
Chiesa di San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno
Recorded as already existing in 1032, the Church passed to Vallombrosan monks between 1090 and 1092; in mid 12th century the presbytery was...
Cappella di Sant'Agata (Ufficio Stampa Comune di Pisa)
Cappella Di Sant’Agata
The chapel is first mentioned 1132. Being near the church of S. Paolo a Ripa d’Arno, its connections with this building lasted until the 16th...
Facciata Neogotica
Ex Monastero delle Benedettine
The Church and convent, constructed for Benedictine nuns in 1393 in an area known as tegularia in the early middle ages, because of the many brick and...
Facciata Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina e Lungarno (A. Matteucci)
Church of S. Maria della Spina
The Church acquired its present name when a Thorn from Christ’s Crown was donated to it in 1333. It was probably Lupo di Francesco, an artist who...
Palazzo Giuli-Rosselmini-Gualandi _ Palazzo Blu
Palazzo Giuli Rosselmini Gualandi - Palazzo Blu
In the 1300s, Palazzo Blubelonged to the Dell'Agnellos, an important family in the political and economic history of Pisa. The central and western...
Abside - Chiesa di Santa Cristina (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Chiesa di Santa Cristina
Mentioned for the first time in the 8th century, the Church of St. Christina is reported after the year 1000 to be in the area south of the river...
Palazzo Mosca
Palazzo Mosca , inizio XII- XVII secolo
Palazzo Mosca is a combination of several buildings dating from the late 12th century and after. The freestanding pilasters of the facade are coupled...
Scorcio Via Pietro Toselli (A. Matteucci)
Via Pietro Toselli, with excavations
Via P. Toselli is the extension of via S. Martino. Together they were the main street in the "chapel" of the Church of St. Cristina in Chinzica and...
Piazza dei Grilletti (G. Gattiglia)
Piazza dei Grilletti
A walk through Chinzica, the part of the city south of the river, takes you through narrow alleyways and some wider streets that follow the path of...
Madonna con Bambino
Pisa Foundation Collections, Palazzo Blu
The first nucleus of the permanent exhibition at Palazzo Blu was created by the Cassa di Risparmio di Pisa bank that in the second half of the 20th...