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 'Alca impenne' Museo di Storia Naturale (S. Pozzuoli)
'Alca impenne' Museo di Storia Naturale (S. Pozzuoli)

Who said that Pisa is a city only for adults?

Of course, children who visit Pisa must be good explorers, because the city reserves for them some fantastic places to visit. The city retains mighty medieval walls, the statue of the girl who saved the city from the assault of the Saracens, the wall of the of a  friars convent painted with strange figures by the contemporary artist Keith Haring, parks, gardens, museums ad many other things to discover.

Outside the city, just a few kilometres from the centre, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful park of the Tenuta di San Rossore and visit the Museum of Natural History in Calci. You can alco climb, accompanied by adults, along the trails of the nearby Monte Pisano or take long walks in the thick of the pine forests, or among the sand dunes and rocks of the coast.

Have a good exploration!

For information about the route on the medieval walls, you can visit the site dedicated to the ancient walls of Pisa.

The San Rossore estate and the 'Ippooasi' animal farm/shelter, the Museum of Natural History of Calci, Monte Pisano and its trails, and the Pisan coast are not part of the city pedestrian circuit and can be reached by public or private transport.

Finally, we would like to inform you that the Museum of Calculation Instruments and the Museum of Physics Instruments are temporarily closed for renovations.

Itinerary: "Pisa is" children

Panoramica parco delle Concette (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Parco delle Concette for the little ones
A green lung, where to rest, have a picnic, play or read a book
Torre di Legno (Le Mura)
Wooden Tower for the little ones
Let's climb the medieval walls of Pisa!
Camminamento sulle mura, Torre di Santa Maria (Le Mura)
Above the Walls for the little ones
We are looking for flowers and animals!
Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Piazza dei Miracoli for the little ones
We continue our walk in the Middle Ages
Esterno (Museo Orto botanico)
Botanical Garden, via Luca Ghini
The oldest in Europe, founded in 1543 by Luca Ghini and financed by Cosimo I
La statua di Cosimo I dei Medici (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Piazza dei Cavalieri for the little ones
The order of the Knights of Santo Stefano and the Palazzo della Carovana
Statua Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena Piazza Martiri della Libertà (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Piazza Martiri della Libertà for the little ones
A square where you can play and meet other children
Scorcio - Piazza Cairoli, o della Berlina (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Piazza Cairoli for the little ones
Do you know that if you ask a Pisan 'where is piazza Cairoli?' no one can tell you where it is
Piazza Garibaldi - Casino dei nobili (A. Matteucci)
Piazza Garibaldi for the little ones
Giuseppe Garibaldi, hero of the Risorgimento
Ponte di Mezzo dal Lungarno (G. Bettini , Comune di Pisa)
Ponte di mezzo for the little ones
A place to take pictures and where the most important game in the city takes place
Piazza Chiara Gambacorti (Lucarelli, wikimediacommons)
Piazza Chiara Gambacorti for the little ones
Known as piazza della Pera
Donna Chinzica, reimpiego antico _ Via San. Martino (G. Bettini. Comune di Pisa)
Look for the marble woman!, for the little ones
The legend of the woman who saved Pisa
Interno Giardino Scotto (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Giardino Scotto for the little ones
From fortress to garden - playground
Chiesa di San Michele degli Scalzi da centro espositivo SMS (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Le Piagge and San Michele degli Scalzi for the little ones
A 2 km long park where you can find another leaning tower
 Via Benedetto Croce (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Via Benedetto Croce for the little ones
The street of high schools
Particolari murale Tuttomondo, Keith Haring (G. Bettini, Comune di PIsa)
Keith Haring for the little ones
The colours of an imaginative drawing illuminate the wall of a convent
Palazzo Giuli-Rosselmini-Gualandi _ Palazzo Blu (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Blue building for the little ones
In this palace there are at least 5 spaces to be visited
Cancello Parco Santi Cosimo e Damiano (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Santi Cosimo and Damiano Park for the little ones
A romantic garden where you can play, recite a poem, discover your rights or relax
Chiesa di San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Church of San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno for the little ones
The old Duomo
Ricostruzione nave Museo delle Navi (Museo delle Navi)
Cittadella for the little ones
A tower, the Republican and Medici Arsenals, the Museum of Ancient Ships
Museo degli Strumenti per il Calcolo, vecchi macelli (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Museum of Calculation Instruments and Museum of Physics Instruments, in the old slaughterhouses
In search of the first and oldest electronic calculator in Italy
Riserva naturale Palazzetto (Parco Naturale Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli)
San Rossore estate
The oldest nucleus in the city
 Pesce 'discus' Museo di Storia Naturale di Calci (S. Pozzuoli)
Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa for the little ones
A journey through dinosaur skeletons, cetaceans and large tanks with freshwater fish
Vicopisano (da Terre di Pisa, www.terredipisa.it)
Monte Pisano excursions for the little ones
The 'Pisan' trails for hiking in the mountains
'Sorti e Dilì' animali dell'Ippooasi ( da www.ippoasi.org)
Ippooasi for the little ones
Shelter for free animals
Panoramica lungomare Calambrone _ foto con drone (M. Boi, Comune di Pisa)
Marina di Pisa, Tirrenia and Calambrone for the little ones
Do you prefer sand or rocks?