/ "Pisa is" Tuttomondo

Particolari Murale Tuttomondo, Keith Haring (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Particolari Murale Tuttomondo, Keith Haring (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)

The city, with the creation in 1989 of the mural 'Tuttomondo' by the New York artist Keith Haring has claimed his cosmopolitan vocation. 

Along the itinerary, it will be possible to mingle with people from all over the world who live, study or simply meet in the city of Pisa to admire its beauty.

The Tumulus of the Etruscan Prince, in via San Jacopo, is not part of the city pedestrian circuit and can be reached by public or private transport. 

The mound is currently closed and is only opened for special events.

Itinerary: "Pisa is" Tuttomondo

Tumulo del principe etrusco, in zona S. Jacopo (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Tumulus of the Etruscan Prince, via San Jacopo
The largest Etruscan burial mound in Italy, dated between the 8th and 7th centuries BC
Una delle navi restaurate (Museo Navi Romane)
Arsenals and Cittadella
The Arsenals and the Museum of Ships
Facciata Chiesa di San Nicola (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Church and bell tower of San Nicola, via Santa Maria
A leaning bell tower that watches over the secrets of Leonardo Fibonacci
Porticato interno - La Sapienza (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
La Sapienza, via della Sapienza
A symbol of the university culture of Pisa, elegant and austere at the same time
Esterno (Museo Orto botanico)
Botanical Garden, via Luca Ghini
The oldest in Europe, founded in 1543 by Luca Ghini and financed by Cosimo I
Piazza del Duomo (Mura di Pisa)
Piazza del Duomo
Strolling through the Middle Ages in Piazza dei Miracoli
Terme di Nerone (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Bagni di Nerone (Baths of Nero)
The Roman baths meet the genius of Brunelleschi
Facciata - Palazzo dei Cavalieri di Santo Stefano  (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Piazza dei Cavalieri
Giorgio Vasari's project is an expression of the Medici power. Today it is the seat of the Scuola Normale Superiore
Testata Confucio (da www.mastermepa.santannapisa.it)
Confucius Institute
National reference point for mutual knowledge, exchanges and economic activities between Tuscany and China
Chiesa di Santa Cecilia (M. Del Rosso, Comune di Pisa)
Church of Santa Cecilia, via Santa Cecilia
The church is decorated with 117 ceramic basins
Facciata Sinagoga (A. Matteucci)
Synagogue of Pisa, via Palestro
From the sixteenth century to today, a place of worship and a symbol of the diversity that makes Pisa unique
Piazza Chiara Gambacorti (Lucarelli, wikimediacommons)
Piazza Chiara Gambacorti and the Kinzica district
The district of commercial docks and markets of the early
Centro culturale Islamico (M. Pileri)
Islamic Cultural Centre of Pisa
A small mosque in the old Arab quarter
Particolare facciata - Chiesa di San Martino (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Church of San Martino
The church of the patron saint of travellers
Particolare lingua giapponese Alif (da www.alif.it)
Alif Intercultural Linguistic Centre
Intercultural association that promotes language courses and initiatives of historical, social and intercultural interest
Murale Tuttomondo, Keith Haring (G. Bettini, Comune di PIsa)
Keith Haring 'Tuttomondo'
The colors of Pop Art illuminate the convent of Sant’Antonio