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Vetrina libreria Pisa ( (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Vetrina libreria Pisa ( (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)

A city is permeated by and interwoven with the infinite narratives that have accompanied personal journeys and collective events. The places of a city are witnesses of personal and family memories, but also narrate stories and are a source of inspiration for poets, writers, painters and artists who have had the pleasure of living in the place or simply visiting it. 

This itinerary proceeds among the memories and inspirations of Italian and foreign authors who have contributed, over the centuries, to cloak Pisa with a very distinctive charm and attraction.

The Bocca d'Arno locality and the Gombo beach are not part of the city pedestrian circuit. Bocca d'Arno can be reached by public or private transport, while the Gombo beach, a unique location immersed in the environmental context of the San Rossore Estate (Natural Park of Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli) is included in the accessible routes with bookable guided tour. 

Reservations for the Spiaggia del Gombo can be made at the San Rossore visitor centre, located inside the estate, also reachable by public or private transport, or by contacting the centre by telephone. 

Itinerary: "Pisa is" author's voices

Piazza del Duomo (Mura di Pisa)
Piazza del Duomo
Strolling through the Middle Ages in Piazza dei Miracoli
La Torre di Pisa (Opera Primaziale Pisana)
Tower of Pisa
Ah, how beautiful, sometimes, the wrong things are!
Interno Campo Santo Monumentale (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Campo Santo, piazza del Duomo
The Holy Land and the Devil protect Frankenstein's secret
Particolare Collegio Ferdinando (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Collegio Ferdinando, via Santa Maria
Founded in 1593 by Grand Duke Ferdinando I, it was destined for deserving students without possessions.
Targa Leopardi, via della Faggiola 19 (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Via della Faggiola, 19
Here Giacomo Leopardi wrote 'To Silvia'
Facciata - Palazzo dei Cavalieri di Santo Stefano  (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Piazza dei Cavalieri
Giorgio Vasari's project is an expression of the Medici power. Today it is the seat of the Scuola Normale Superiore
Via Tavoleria (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Via Tavoleria
The Polentofagi Academy
Piazza Dante (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Piazza Dante
The square of the University of Pisa, where to chat while sipping a good coffee
Porticato interno - La Sapienza (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
La Sapienza, via della Sapienza
A symbol of the university culture of Pisa, elegant and austere at the same time
Ex Hotel Nettuno (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Former Hotel Nettuno, lungarno Pacinotti
A former historic hotel where Virginia Woolf stayed
Lungarno Pacinotti (M. Cerrai, Comune di Pisa)
Lungarno Pacinotti, at the corner of via Curtatone and Montanara
I like the appearance of Pisa much more than that of Florence. Leopardi plate
Royal Victoria Hotel, facciata (M. Cerrai, Comune di Pisa)
Royal Hotel Victoria, lungarno Pacinotti
The oldest hotel in Italy reveals its illustrious guests
Casa Vanni in Borgo Stretto (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Borgo Stretto and the Vanni house
The street of Pisan merchants and university life between stores and coffee shops
Largo Ciro Menotti (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Largo Ciro Menotti
A war wound that disrupts the elegance and beauty of Borgo Stretto
Piazza Martiri della Libertà (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Piazza Martiri della Libertà and the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies
One of the most important universities in the world
Collegio dedicato a Tiziano Terzani in via San Lorenzo 26 (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Via San Lorenzo
A college dedicated to a great journalist and writer who studied in Pisa: Tiziano Terzani
 Casa natale di Galileo Galilei (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Birthplace of Galileo Galilei, via Giusti
From the window he has been greeting us for more than 450 years
Entrata Palazzo Toscanelli _ Archivio di Stato (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Palazzo Toscanelli, lungarno Mediceo
The haunted palace where Lord Byron lived, now hosts the State Archives
Facciata Palazzo Roncioni (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Palazzo Roncioni, lungarno Mediceo
Arranged marriages hinder true love
Ponte della Fortezza (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Fortezza bridge
Standing on the marble bridge, cast your gaze
Interno Giardino Scotto (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Scotto Garden
Romantic garden, playground, outdoor cinema
Rovine di palazzo Chiesa sul lungarno Galilei (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Palazzo Chiesa, lungarno Galilei
Mary and Percy B. Shelley lived between Pisa and San Giuliano Terme for two years
Palazzo Lanfranchi _ Museo della Grafica (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Palazzo Lanfranchi, lungarno Galilei
The Graphics museum that hides the secret of Mary Shelley
Palazzo Mastiani Brunacci, facciata (M. Cerrai, Comune di Pisa)
Il cinematografo artistico (The artistic cinema)
The second cinema opened in Pisa was at Palazzo Mastiani Brunacci
Facciata Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina e Lungarno (A. Matteucci)
Church of Santa Maria della Spina
A small church, a jewel of Gothic art, dismantled and reassembled
Retone a Bocca d'Arno (R. Cardini)
Bocca d'Arno, between fishermen and tamarisks
O Marina di Pisa, when the sun strikes!
Spiaggia  (Parco Regionale Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli)
Il Gombo
A romantic story between Daniel Stern (Marie d'Agoult) and Franz Liszt