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Palazzo Lanfranchi da Scalo Roncioni
Veduta Palazzo Lanfranchi da Scalo Roncioni (A. Matteucci)

This is a little walk along the Arno river with its historic buildings, gardens and churches. A simple route but no less impressive, where we meet historical sites such as the Redini theatre, little known place, and museums such as the Lanfranchi Palace culminating with the beautiful Giardino Scotto.

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Itinerary: San Martino

Piazza Gambacorti Rit
Piazza Gambacorti
In 2004 this square and the remains of the medieval church of S. Lorenzo in Chinzica (deconsecrated in 1784 and demolished in 1932), underwent close...
Facciata - Chiesa di S. Bernardo (
Ex Chiesa di San Bernardo
The Church of S. Bernardo was built in the 1400s, on the site of the old Osnello hospital (named after the founder) first mentioned in 1189. Built on...
Lunetta sopra la porta di accesso - Ex Teatro Redini (A. Matteucci)
Former Redini Theatre
This theatre takes its name from its founder Giuseppe Redini, a medical specialist who worked in Pisa but who came from a peasant family near Mantua....
Facciata - Palazzo Salviati (A. Matteucci)
Palazzo Salviati
This palazzo is an agglomeration of medieval buildings, joined to one another by the Ciampolini family, 14th century Pisan merchants. The towers are...
Chiesa di San Sepolcro
Chiesa di San Sepolcro
This octagonal Church, built from locally quarried stone and lit by slit windows, is octagonal in shape with a pyramidal cone-shaped roof rising from...
Tabernacolo ligneo, Madonna dei Vetturini (C. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Madonna dei Vetturini
At the end of the 16th century the wooden statue of the Madonna and Child was transferred from the church of S. Maria della Spina to enable the people...
Scorcio facciata - Chiesa di San Martino (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Chiesa di San Martino
The Church of S. Martino in Chinzica is first mentioned in 1066; it stood on the Carraia Maiore, the most important roadway entering Pisa from the...
Veduta Palazzo Lanfranchi da Scalo Roncioni (A. Matteucci)
Palazzo Lanfranchi
This palazzo takes its name from the Lanfranchi family who re-structured it and lived in it from 1539.The building is the result of amalgamating seven...
Interno Giardino Scotto (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Giardino Scotto
Archaeological sources reveal that this area was already inhabited in Roman times. It was then abandoned in the early middle ages, but in 1095 the...
Museo della grafica (G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Museun of Graphic Art, Palazzo Lanfranchi
In the building that houses the Museo della Grafica (Museum of Graphic Art) since 2007 there are important medieval structural remains and...
Scorcio Via San Martino
Via S. Martino - Palazzi
Walking along via San Martino you first meet palazzo Bertolli Carranza. The original nucleus was a group of buildings constructed after 1195 by the...
Cippo etrusco pririforme reimpiego antico _ Via San. Martino(G. Bettini, Comune di Pisa)
Via S. Martino, examples of re-use
The custom of re-using ancient objects in more recent structures, either for their beauty or to demonstrate past glories, is widespread in Pisa...