Old tramway station, via Cagliaritana

La stazione del trammino (D. Viacava, Comune di Pisa)
La stazione del trammino (D. Viacava, Comune di Pisa)
In 1892 the Pisa - Marina di Pisa railway line was inaugurated: 13 km in 42 minutes! It was called 'Stràsciapoveri': left the Pisa station in Piazza Sant'Antonio and reached the sea, here in this eclectic-style station, with an elegant crowning tower. On the back we can still see the railway platform and the track layout, which doubled right next to it. If you asked the Pisans what they remember of the train journey to the sea, they would answer “the smell of the pines and the song of cicadas”. However, in 1932 this section was replaced by the one that led from Pisa to Livorno via Tirrenia.
Last update: 31/03/2021
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