Oasi WWF Dune di Tirrenia

Oasi WWF Tirrenia (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
Oasi WWF Tirrenia (L. Corevi, Comune di Pisa)
The WWF Dune di Tirrenia oasis extends along the coast for 24 hectares and is open all year round. There are dunes that reach even ten meters in height and you can admire all the typical species of the Mediterranean scrub: the sea lily, the soldanella di mare, the goldenrod of the sands, the helichrysum, the calcatreppola, the arbutus, the holm oak, the broom, the sandstone ammofila and the rare Greek periploca, one of the few species of lianas present in our country. Among the animals you might encounter are foxes and wild rabbits. The area is crossed by some paths, including a nature trail for the disabled, and is equipped with didactic tables and wooden barriers that delimit the dunes.

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Oasi WWF Dune di Tirrenia
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