Museo della Certosa di Pisa, Calci (The Charterhouse of Pisa, Museum)

Museo Storia Naturale La Certosa di Pisa a Calci (S. Puzzuoli)
Museo Storia Naturale La Certosa di Pisa a Calci (S. Puzzuoli)
Founded in 1366 in the hamlet of Calci, a few kilometres from Pisa, over the centuries the Carthusian monastery of Pisa has become one of the most beautiful in Italy. From the original medieval layout, only the church remains, which today has a single hall, with cross vaults and a cycle of seventeenth-century frescoes, with works from painters Stefano Cassiani, Giuseppe and Pietro Rolli and Giovanni and Gerolamo Grandi. The chapels represent a rare example of Baroque style in Tuscany, which manifests itself in the very precious stuccos that contrast with the geometries of the fifteenth-century floors. During the visit it is possible to access the cloister of the Priests, the cells, the refectory, the Grand Ducal guesthouses and the pharmacy, which were masterfully frescoed by Pietro Giarré during the eighteenth century. The majesty of the courtyard of honour of the religious building, with the façade of the large complex, competes with the main royal residences.

Curios fact: Many films were shot inside the monument, including Ritratto di Signora (The Portrait of a Lady) by Jane Campion, with Nicole Kidman and Il Piccolo Diavolo (The Little Devil) by and with Roberto Benigni.

Info: The Charterhouse of Pisa Museum, Direzione regionale Musei della Toscana
The Cistercian Charterhouse of Calci, with its majesty and beauty, was chosen to shoot some scenes of the following films:
  • Opinione pubblica (Public opinion) (1953) by Maurizio Corgnati.
  • Il segreto delle rose (The secret of roses) (1958) by Albino Principe.
  • Amici miei atto II (My friends part II) (1982) by Mario Monicelli. One of the final scenes of the film was shot on the terrace of one of the houses near the Certosa (Charterhouse) of Pisa, in Calci. (
  • Il piccolo Diavolo (The Little Devil) (1988) by and with Roberto Benigni.
  • Confortorio (1992) by the Pisan Paolo Benvenuti. The spiritual comforters were part of the Confraternity of Mercy of San Giovanni Decollato in Rome who had the task of assisting the condemned and their commitment was focused on converting them to Christianity. The film is based on a true story, set in the first half of the 18th century. The protagonists, Angeluccio and Abramo, Jews, illiterate and thieves, are arrested on the charges of burglary, but the actions of the spiritual comforters will serve no purpose.
  • Ritratto di signora (The Portrait of a Lady) (1996) by Jane Campion, based on the novel with the same title by Henry James.

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