La notte dell'Innominato at Teatro Verdi

La notte dell'Innominato a Teatro Verdi
La notte dell'Innominato a Teatro Verdi
Teatro Verdi
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by Alessandro Manzoni
directed and adapted by Daniele Salvo
and with Gianluigi Fogacci, Valentina Violo, Simone Ciampi
production Centro Teatrale Bresciano / Teatro de Gli Incamminati

Saturday 8 January 2022, 9 p.m.

Sunday 9 January 2022, 5.00 p.m.

On a stage constructed with video projections that will be an integral part of the play, Eros Pagni gives body and voice to one of the most emblematic figures of The Betrothed, the Unnamed, interpreting the pages of Manzoni's novel dedicated to Lucia's arrival at his castle and the tormented night in which the young woman, prey to despair, pronounces a vow of virginity to the Virgin Mary, while the man lives in anguish and remorse, nagged by scruples never tried. "Notte infinita, interminable, indecipherable mala notte" - writes Daniele Salvo in the director's notes - "The two protagonists of this extraordinary mental journey, conceived by Manzoni in his masterpiece and rewritten today for the stage, move through this night that seems perennial. The Unnamed Man comes to terms with himself, with his lack of faith, his ambition, his finiteness. This eternal night, the true protagonist of the text, envelops all the characters, makes them uncertain, anxious, fragile, changes their convictions, pushes them to take unthinkable actions'. A night in which we can grasp the path that man's conscience takes, first downwards, in an atmosphere of nightmare and prostration, and then upwards towards liberation from torment and the achievement of repentance and conversion.


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