Ronzii - arte urbana in subbuglio

Ronzii Stazioe Leopolda Pisa 2
Ronzii Stazioe Leopolda Pisa 2
Stazione Leopolda
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On Saturday, November 18th at 15.30, at the Leopolda Station in Pisa, will be held RONZII - urban art in the tears, the debut event of the collective of young cultural operators FUCO - Fucina Contemporanea. The aim of the initiative is to promote a participatory concept of urban art and an opportunity for artistic elaboration on the topic of hospitality.
The indoor program will be preceded by a guided tour of the main street art festivals. The tour, organized with the collaboration of CTT Compagnia Toscana Trasporti, will start at 10.30 am from the Keith Haring mural in Piazza Sant'Antonio and, on a bus, will take the participants to the districts of Porta a Mare and Sant'Ermete to discovery of the murals made in summer 2017.
At 3.30 pm in the Historical Hall of the Leopolda Station, the event will be introduced by a multi-party conference coordinated by prof. Sergio Cortesini of the University of Pisa, during which a large group of local, Italian and international realities will reflect on the role of urban art in renovating public spaces and regenerating the social fabric. The cult Total Panic event, the reclamation of the popular district of Sant'Ermete, the Festival Welcome to Pisa, the regional project Tuscany's Urban Colors Correction, the European project Recovering the future and the experience of the Sicilian cultural center Farm Cultural Park will be the main comparative references. Thanks to the collaboration with ZaLab and the Arsenale Cinema, the conference will end with the screening of IBI, the docufilm by Andrea Segre, which collects the precious testimony of Ibitocho Sehounbiatou, a photographer and director who immigrated irregularly to Italy, whose photographic exhibition will be set up at ' inside Leopolda. Following will be the presentation of the project Stand Up For Africa - contemporary art for human rights.
The Historical Exhibition of Leopolda Station will turn into a hive of art gatherings and contamination: the collective FUCO has selected photographers, graphic artists, painters and street artists who will enrich RONZII with their contribution to exhibitions and performances. The exhibition will be attended by Federica Baldassarre, Sarah Benvenuti, Federico Bria, Giovanni Bruschi, Elisa Buracchi, Bart Chindemi, Alessandro Cinquemani, Fred Cosci, Giulia Dari, Enrico Dedin, Giuseppe Di Carlo, Elkemi, Paolo Fabiani, Alice Ferretti, Olga Gurgone, Marta Lucchini, Antonio Malaspina, Alessandra Marianelli, Leonardo Moretti, Gian Luca Palazzolo, Andrea Palummo, Denise Rana, Sere Rouge, Claudia Tarabella, Gianluca Tramonti and Luisa Valenzano. The exhibition will be accompanied by a live painting session from 4 pm, to which Marco Fabri, Marco Galli, Gian Luca Palazzolo and Silvia Scaringella will participate, after which the works will be donated to the reception centers in the area Pisan.
At 19.30 RONZII will enter into the live entertainment with the capoeira deer organized by the Association Angola Palmares of Pisa and the musical aperitif set by the La Staffetta brewery, the Leningrad Café and the Bottega of the Leopolda Station with the accompaniment of the Dj Booker D 'Selecter. The evening will end with the performances of the singer-songwriter Pisano Lorenzo Pagni and the crew of rapper Cronofillers.
RONZII is organized by the artistic collective FUCO - Fucina Contemporanea, which brings together young people specializing in the fields of history and art criticism, visual arts and communication coordinated by Chiara Capuano. The aim of the collective, which operates with the support of the Leopolda Station, is to enhance with a contemporary approach all artistic expressions, from traditional to the latest channels of digital art and street art. FUCO promotes events and projects where the most vibrant cultural realities in the area can find concrete opportunities for affirmation.
With the participation in RONZII, Leopolda Station intends to set up a career path dedicated to the growth of opportunities offered to contemporary art productions, ensuring full citizenship to youth creativity and bringing the public closer to the expressive forms and the languages of street culture.
On November 17th, at 21:00, the IBI docufilm will be screened at the Cinema Arsenale di Pisa.
The departure of the guided tour is scheduled for 10.30 am on Saturday November 18th from Piazza Sant'Antonio. Participation is free. The booking is welcome by e-mail to
The exhibition of works at Leopolda Station will continue until November 21st.
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