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Percorso Keith is back in Pisa
Percorso Keith is back in Pisa
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A totem pole in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, many coloured signs along Corso Italia, on the ground and high up like pop signs, displaying the unmistakable works of Keith Haring and tracing an ideal route from the "Tuttomondo" mural to Palazzo Blu, where the exhibition dedicated to the New York artist is currently underway.

It is called "Keith is back in Pisa!", the initiative, organised in these days in collaboration between Palazzo Blu, Fondazione Pisa, MondoMostre and the Municipality of Pisa, is a way to remember the special bond that Keith Haring had with Pisa in the last months of his short life, with his arrival in the city in the summer of 1989 to create the famous mural "Tuttomondo" on the outside wall of the convent of Sant'Antonio.

At the time, it was a real event for the people of Pisa and the city, experienced with the great enthusiasm that the American artist knew how to create around himself and his colourful and lively art.  With a lively and elegant set-up, the colourful route through the city centre renews this link, 'bringing' Keith Haring back to Pisa and to the attention of his many admirers.

The initiative is linked to the exhibition dedicated to the artist at Palazzo Blu, which, in addition to offering a broad overview of works by the artist never before exhibited in Europe, includes a section devoted to those days in Pisa that saw the creation of Tuttomondo, starting with the friendship, born by chance in New York, with Piergiorgio Castellani, who brought Haring to Italy and involved him in this extraordinary artistic project.     

The Keith Haring exhibition, curated by Kaoru Yanase, Chief Curator of the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection, presents more than 170 works by the American artist from Kazuo Nakamura's personal collection in the museum dedicated to the artist in Japan.