Musicadistrada Festival

Provincia di Pisa
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A journey into the Tuscany’s heart  to discover places with unique charm and concerts of musicians coming from America, Chile, England, Albania, Portugal, Tunisia, France and ,of course, Italy.  Free admission.
July 26 - Cascina, loc. San Casciano - Alexia Coley - Keep The Faith tour - Alexia Coley is an interpreter and writer originally from London. She has the soul in her veins, between modernity and tradition, thanks to her incredible voice.
July 28 - Santa Maria a Monte, loc. Montecalvoli - Redi Hasa and Maria Mazzotta - Ura – Vibrations, that come from from the cello’s bello, and frequencies freed up, support and blend with the voice; notes  who take the body from the belly, playing with symmetries and dissonances. The foundation of the repertoire are the stories of southern Italy and of the Balkans, the nations of Old Europe and migrants of every time and place that Mary and Redi interpret and reproduce according to the own feeling. Colors, flavors, scents, lights and shadows of human existence are turned into a sound that involves and into a history that bewitches, and finally into emotion. Experimentation and improvisation are tools dosed with wisdom and, in this way, the artist can  impress ther own personality.


August 5 - Casale Marittimo - Notes noir 4tet, Oltreconfine - The quartet joins the musical world Mediterranean and Central Europe in its repertoire. Music is the ford possible between these two spheres so unknowingly connected by preserved traditional sounds placed in the capable and  valuable hands of Gypsy musicians; but the music is never pure conservation and always finds its way, like water, like when people need to move.
August 6 - Riparbella - Sacred Hearts, Delone - Their artistic repertoire is composed by the sounds of folk and blues  and the American tradition of Italian soundtrack (Nino Rota and Trovajoli). A music that, during a walk on the streets of  the more mestizo Los Angeles, also founds the literary of the Italian-American John Fante, the hallucinations of David Lynch, Mexico imagined by the accordion of Castellina/Pasi. A kind of music that faces  the Italian spirit without hesitation and the challenge of the melody.
Aug. 7 - Monteverdi Marittimo - Baro Drom Orkestar, Monteverdi Social Club - You can take a sandwich in a famous shop of the place and enjoy the event on the square where there will be a concert, or a drink in the bar or dinner with fixed price menu ... all accompanied by a playlist of music that inspired the famous #powergipsydance, sound ultraballereccio of Baro Drom Orkestar, who will take up at 21.45 hours ... Start of dances ... pardon the concert!
August 17 - Chianni - Fabrizio Pocci and laboratory - Feelings, emotions, loves, passions, thoughts, feelings are the main ingredients of their productions that never cease to amuse, to move and laugh at the same time.
August 18 - Santa Luce, loc. Pomaia - Fanfare Station Feat. Icicles & sea bass - The duo's repertoire ranges from the so-called stambeli, the music of blacks in Tunisia, to muewesheh, classical Arabic music, from the Arab-Andalusian music, which in Tunisia is called malouf original compositions inspired by music of brotherhood 'Sufi. Percussion tabla, darbuka, bendir, riq accompany nay, zocra, mizwud, clarinet, trumpet and trombone to create a festival of sounds, all to accompany the voice of Marzouk Mejri. The texts come from the classical Arabic poetry, by modern poets anti-colonialists and from the pen of his musician magre- bino. They speak of love, longing and joy, of enjoying a glass of you-no, the migrate. Fanfare Station and a project that celebrates the history of the Ottoman Empire and the Mediterranean migrant, flows that have always connected the Middle East, to North Africa, and the Andalusian peninsula.
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