"La gita premio" al Teatro Verdi

Teatro Verdi Di Pisa 2 1
Teatro Verdi Di Pisa 2 1
Teatro Verdi
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The Doctors' Brigade and the Italian Association of People Down Onlus come back to theater, in vernacular, laugh, support the self-employment and job placement projects for children and adults with Down syndrome of Pisa.
The appointment is Friday, November 17th, at 21.00 with G. Peluso's "La gita prize" at the Grande Sala del Teatro Verdi. Ticket costs range from 15 to 25 euros. For info and reservations: 3336891585; aipdpisateatro@gmail.com.
The Italian Association of People Down onlus Pisa offers citizenship cultural and convivial opportunities to make known their commitment to promoting the autonomy and quality of life of persons with Down Syndrome.
It proposes theater because it is communication, it is an open game that everyone is invited to participate through their own presence and their own letting themselves be involved and involved.
The Brigade of Doctors Company was founded in the 1920s by a group of university students. It consists of men who interpret hilariously female characters as well. He speaks in vernacular to emphasize the bond with the territory and its roots.
They gave support to the restaurant My whim, the Kandinsky bar, the Braccobaldo Massa restaurant, and the Cinema Odeon Pisa.
Plot of 'The Premium Trip'
A popular family made up of Serge Cesira, her husband, Arturo, their daughter Marisa, her husband Umbertino, her brother Cesira, Otello, always with the wine flask on hand.
Characters helped in good and bad by a friend of sora Dove and her husband Anacleto, a shrewd shake. The protagonists have prefigured to win a prize holiday with the accumulation of points in a supermarket.
Obtained the purpose, they leave for an Adriatic region and, being amongst people of different social and cultural excitement, are born beautiful, especially with Gilberto, a hotel maitre of the sought-after language that puts everyone in subjection.
Marisa's husband, Umbertino, infuriates a wet man and flees with her, while Othello falls into the sea by the rocks in one of his many drunks. Back in Pisa, the family is back with the same troubles and thoughts as it had left.
The final will find it and the spectator will taste it.