I musei raccontano Pisa

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Apalazzo Lanfranchi 1
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On the occasion of "Amico Museo 2017"
The university Museum organizes:
I musei raccontano Pisa ...
Guided tours to the museums of the University of Pisa and the places around them
We discover the treasures of the University's Museum System and the Pisan territory through the website: www.arnoraccontapisa.it. The routes offer some of the itineraries of the project "L'Arno racconta Pisa", along these stages are organized visits to the museums of the University.
Sunday, May 28, 2017 - 10:00
A walk on the Lungarni between Sacred and Profane (Museum of Graphics - Gipsoteca di Antica Arte)
Sunday, May 28, 2017 - 10:00
Pisa and the surrounding area of nature and culture (Museum of Natural History)
3. Saturday 3 June 2017 - at 10:00
Between history, archeology and nature, passing through the Pyramids (Egiptological Collections - Orto and Botanical Museum)
4. Saturday 3 June 2017 - 16:00
Pisa and science: before and after Galileo (Museum of Instruments for Calculation)
Free participation on reservation until availability of seats is available.
Reservations will be accepted by email to obrazazione.sma@unipi.it by 14:00 on Friday 26 May (itineraries of May 28) and by 14:00 on Wednesday 31 May (itineraries on June 3) .
The reservation is to be accepted only after the confirmation of the University Museum System.
For information call 050 2216064 - 050 2212966.
Museum of Calculation Tools
Saturday 20 May at 9 pm
A story to be rediscovered. Documents from the origins of computer science in Italy
It is well known that Italian computer science was born in the mid-1950s. However, there is still a lot to tell about the ways in which our country has imported or built its first electronic calculators, what were the interactions between public and private, such as sometimes conflicting relationships between universities (Milan, Pisa, Rome ) Involved. A seminar and a guide to the machines in the collection will focus on what is known about that story and its protagonists.
The animated visit will start at 9 pm at the Museum of Instruments for Calculation; To follow a brief visit to the Old Macelli environments, within which the Museum resides, and to the premises of the local Ludoteca Scientifica. The new Comics & Science series comic book, created by Alfredo Castelli and Gabriele Peddes, will be presented in national preview.
Free event
For information:
050 2215212 - education.msc@unipi.it
Plasterboard of ancient art
Friday, May 19th at 5.30 pm
Democracy - independence - freedom
"Two statues tell ... The story of Armodio and Aristogitone, who became heroes as tyrant killers" (Chiara Tarantino)
"To the origins of democracy and tyranny: ancient Greece" (Margherita Facella)
"An unexpected conjunction? First introduction to the complex relationship between Jews and Fascism"
(Mafalda Toniazzi)
"Democracy, Independence, Freedom: Our Present Recognizing the War in Ex-Yugoslavia"
(Stefano Landucci)
Free event
For information:
050 2211278 - gipsotecapisa@unipi.it
Anatomical Veterinary Museum
Saturday, May 27 at 4.00 pm
The domestic cat and the lion: what similitudes?
Alessandra Coli
The cat and lion skeleton, findings of the Veterinary Anatomical Museum, are compared to demonstrate similarities and differences. The lab analyzes the relationship between different species of felines, drawing on behavioral conclusions. Direct contact will lead visitors to analyze the natural and indispensable wildness of both species.
Free event
For information: education.sma@unipi.it
Graphic Museum
May 27, 2016 - at 16.00
A story from the past ... Creative family workshop
Once there was a painter, a church, a city ... Invent and create your past story with brushes, gold, silver and so much imagination!
Laboratory for families with children aged 6 to 11 years. Reservations are required (by May 25, 2017).
Free event
For information and reservations: 050 2216064 - museodellagrafica@adm.unipi.it
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