Franco Adami. L'uomo e i grandi miti

Franco Adami. L'uomo e i grandi miti
Franco Adami. L'uomo e i grandi miti
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Opening on Saturday 3rd July at 7.30 p.m. at the Museo delle Navi Antiche in Pisa's Arsenali Medicei, the exhibition of monumental sculptures "Franco Adami. L'uomo e i grandi miti" (Franco Adami. Man and the great myths), which will remain on display in Pisa throughout the summer, until 23 September. The exhibition, promoted by the culture department of the municipality of Pisa under the artistic direction of Massimiliano Simoni of ARTITALY, consists of ten installations scattered around the historical centre and the coastline for a total of 14 works by the sculptor of Pisan origin. An artistic itinerary that winds its way through the city, including the Cittadella, the Arsenali Medicei, Piazza Cavallotti, Piazza San Matteo, Palazzo Blu, Chiesa della Spina, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, and continues along the coast with installations in Piazza Baleari, Piazza Belvedere and Calambrone.

This exhibition is in continuity with the one by Anna Chromy held two years ago. With these beautiful works depicting animals and mythological creatures, the city, from the historic centre to the coast, once again becomes an open-air museum.

Franco Adami's creatures. Focusing on the essence of the human being, Franco Adami first of all questions the being and its way of existing. Being is an immediate act that translates a will to live. It announces the beginning, the beginning of an adventure. As for the word "to exist", if it is omnipresent in the heart, life and character of the artist, it means: "to come out of", "to manifest oneself, to be outside oneself", it invites one to break the prison envelope that prevents one from facing the world. Every being by Franco Adami bears witness to this immense need to live. The ellipses ready to unfold on the upper part of the work Liberation let us perceive the birth of a form, of a life. It announces the beginning of a new existence. With the pressure of the body, the chrysalis is freed from its constriction that neutralises all movement. It is an experience that occurs in the life of every man, in the history of every civilisation. It is an invitation to free oneself from circumstantial constraints. Franco Adami's powerful creatures of pure, sober and static lines, represented here by the Totems and Centurions overflow with life. They are not inanimate, decorative statuettes, but giants inhabited by a soul, by a conscience that expresses itself through their eyes. Perfectly shaped and smooth, they come to construct and complete the composition, while imposing themselves as a true gaze. With the reflection of bronze, the eye is both a mirror of the world and a window on the soul, which together question and interrogate passers-by. "To be" therefore means to live. Language and social logic dictate that its field of action be defined. It is impossible to 'be' in a free way. The noun "to be" must be accompanied by a qualifier, an attribute that determines the type of his acts: to be human, to be inhuman. Man here is opposed to animal. At the risk of displeasing some philosophers, Franco Adami rejects this reductive and condescending classification. His beings are human, inhuman and animal creatures at the same time.


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