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"Fuori teatro," a bill of performances desired by the City of Pisa and organized through the Fondazione Teatro Verdi di Pisa, with the collaboration of The Thing, Pisa Folk Festival, Pisa Jazz, Caracol circle and Bordeline club, returns to the Scotto Garden. [READ presentation]

The program

Saturday, July 1 (8:30 p.m.) Cassio + Erio
(curated by The Thing association)
Erio, after studying opera singing and composition, writes a handful of songs that only on the advice of his mother he decides to send to some record companies. Among them is La Tempesta, which immediately falls in love with his voice and writing. Erio and La Tempesta decide to take over the reins of the project and immediately record the first songs with trusted Paolo Baldini, already at the mixer with Mellow Mood, Three Merry Dead Boys and The Sleeping Tree. It is precisely the musicians from these bands who record the music for Erio's songs. This is how La Tempesta releases Erio's first two digital 45s, the first "We've Been Running/Oval In Your Trunk" released on February 24, 2015 and the second "The Reason/Torch Song" on June 3, 2015. An unexpected mix of nocturnal atmospheres and sweet melodies, rhythm and blues and soul pop, almost a smoothie of sounds that oscillate between Björk and Tracy Chapman, Bon Iver and Elisa, Antony and Sigur Rós, just to name a few. Erio then arrives at his proper recording debut with an album also released by La Tempesta on November 6, 2015. The title is "Für El" and it contains twelve tracks including the four already released. The sound of the record, although frequent electronic disturbances often seem ready to take over, is warm and natural, in an attempt to build a comforting and gentle landscape in which Erio's voice is allowed to be explicitly dramatic and sorrowful. Despite the frank and direct tone, the character of the lyrics never becomes properly narrative; the listener is asked to witness the outcome of a series of events to which only brief allusions are made. The focus is on the inner world of the character of which Erio is the interpreter, while only vague distant echoes remain of the outer world, such as those that Baldini's futuristic dub applies to the acoustic sounds on which the melodies and vocal harmonies float, which are the undisputed protagonists of the record. Preceded by the singles "Limerence," "Kill It! Kill It!" and "The Biggest of Hearts," April 2018 saw the release of Erio's second album on Kowloon Records/La Tempesta Dischi. In 2021 Erio participated in the final stage of X Factor. He will open the concert of Erio Cassio.
(Admission ticket 5 euros purchasable in advance on the Dice circuit)

Saturday, July 2 (8:30 p.m.): Campos, Emma Nolde, Zen Circus
(curated by The Thing association)
Campos was born in 2011 in Pisa, from the collaboration between Simone Bettin and Davide Barbafiera, in the interest of combining acoustic guitars, bass and electronic percussion. In the same year Simone moved to Berlin and Campos became a long-distance project. In Berlin Dhari Vij, an Australian bassist with a background as a classical double bassist, joins the group. The trio thus begins to play its first songs in clubs and bars in the German capital and in parallel prepares the recording of an album.The recordings and mixes of theprimodiscome are made in 2015 in Berlin, in Simone's home, by the Campos themselves, while the task of the Master is entrusted to Jan Driver, a Berlin DJ and producer. On March 3, 2017, the Campos' first record "Viva" was released by "Aloch records." During this period, Dhari Vij is succeeded by Tommaso Tanzini as bassist. With this new lineup the Campos take their first work on the road, playing more than 50 concerts all over the peninsula from the date of the record's release until November of the same year. During the winter of 2017 The Campos take a break to write new songs, which will then be recorded at the "Woodworm studio" in Arezzo, in2018. This second work sees the participation of Andrea Marmorini, who together with the Campos takes care of the production and recording of the album. The mixes are done in June 2018 also in Arezzo, at "The Garage studio", by Marco Romanelli, Arturo Magnanensi, Andrea Marmorini and the Campos. The second album entitled "Humans, wind and plants" is released in November 2018 by "Woodworm." The release of the new album is followed by a long promotional tour that sees the Campos engaged in more than 50 concerts.Meanwhile, the Campos participate in the call for entries issued by the SIAE "For Those Who Create," being among the winners within the "New Works" category.The band therefore immediately set to work on writing a new album. The album is recorded partly by the Campos themselves in house and partly at the "Vacuum studio" in Bologna by Bruno Germano in June/July 2020.The production of the album is by the Campos and the mixes are finished in house by Davide Barbafiera and the Campos while the master is entrusted to Carl Saff.This third work also sees the collaboration of Giovanni Guerrieri in writing and revising the lyrics.

Emma Nolde Emma Nolde was born in Tuscany in the year 2000. Her debut album is called Toccaterra and was released on September 4, 2020 by Woodworm/Polydor. It has been hailed by critics as a truly amazing and important debut. Emma is without a shadow of a doubt one of the voices of the future of Italian music. Toccaterra was a finalist for the Premio Tenco in the Opera Prima section. l 2020 saw Emma engaged in a very long tour. In November 2021 an unreleased track was released together with Generic Animal, "a bunch of keys, an umbrella in the middle there." Emma is featured with a track on Zen Circus' featuring album to be released in May 2022. In the summer of 2022 Emma returns to tour with a new show, featuring brand new songs and new arrangements. Singles anticipating the release of the new album will be released during the summer.

Zen Circus now needs no introduction. Dozens of albums, collaborations, festivals, concerts, including an appearance at Sanremo. After the Last Welcoming Club, the tour that saw Zen Circus engaged in 7 concerts in live clubs across the Peninsula, the band returns live in the summer with a new tour in support of their latest record work, entitled Cari Fottutissimi Amici. The record will be released on May 27. The tour schedule is being updated.
(Entrance ticket 20 euros can be purchased in advance on the Dice circuit)

Sunday, July 3 (9:30 p.m.) Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
(curated by Pisa Folk Festival)
First main event of the Pisa Folk festival, now in its 20th edition. The Canzoniere returns for the third time to the Pisa Folk Festival, after treading the most important stages in Europe and the world. CGS, recognized as the best world music group in the world at the 2018 Songlines Music Awards, is the first and most important group of Salento folk music, reinterpreting in a modern key the traditions revolving around the famous ritual pizzica tarantata. "Meridiana" is the group's latest record work, which will be presented in Pisa, along with the great classics of the Canzoniere.
(Admission ticket 10 euros, 8 with a reduction that can be purchased in advance on the Do It Yourself circuit)

Monday, July 4 (8:30 p.m.): Indie Karaoke
(curated by The Thing association)
Much more than a "simple" Karaoke: indie karaoke is an innovative format that allows spectators to become protagonists, singing on stage together with a real band the songs of their favorite arstists.
(Admission ticket 10 euros can be purchased in advance on the Dice circuit)

Tuesday, July 5 (9:15 p.m.) Francesco Bottai
(curated by ex Wide)
(Admission ticket €10 purchasable in advance on the OOOH.Events circuit)

Wednesday, July 6 (9:15 p.m.) Unavantaluna
(curated by Pisa Folk Festival)
Appointment with Unavantaluna, a Sicilian music company, an ensemble of musicians with Sicilian origins in search of a possible balance between tradition and musical innovation. Unavantaluna also returns to the Pisa Folk Festival after their historic 2013 concert in Piazza Garibaldi. The Sicilian group will preview some songs from the new album, due out in 2023, as well as the band's historic signature repertoire.
(Admission ticket 8 euros, 6 euros with a reduction that can be purchased in advance on the Do It Yourself circuit)

Thursday, July 7 (9 p.m.) Rava-Rei-Gatto-Deidda
(curated by Pisa Jazz Festival)
A stellar group made up of four true Italian stars: Enrico Rava, Danilo Rea, Dario Deidda and Roberto Gatto. A musical journey through jazz standards, Italian songs and pop tunes. Next (10:30 p.m.), the sextet of Nico Gori, one of the most established Tuscan jazz musicians in Italy, will take the stage with the unprecedented Around Clarinet project, dedicated to the instrument that made him known to the general public.
(Ticket price from 18 to 25 euros can be purchased in advance on the Ticketone circuit)

Friday, July 8 (9 p.m.) Enzo Avitabile
(curated by Pisa Folk Festival and Pisa Jazz Festival)
Enzo Avitavile closes the Pisa Folk festival with his Acoustic World, which comes to Pisa thanks to the collaboration between the Pisa Folk Festival and Pisa Jazz Rebirth, another important city festival dedicated to jazz music. The special event stems precisely from the desire to celebrate music together, the encounter between jazz and folk tradition and pay homage to world music, with one of the most significant Italian performers of the genre.
(Ticket prices from 10 to 15 euros can be purchased in advance on the Ticketone circuit)

Saturday, July 9 (9:30 p.m.) John Scofield
(curated by Pisa jazz Festival)
Scofield comes to Pisa and presents at Giardino Scotto "Yankee Go Home," his roots-rock-jazz band with which he spans American rock, folk and jazz hits, reconnecting with many of the rock'n'roll roots of his teenage days, colored by his 50 years of practicing jazz music.
(Ticket prices from 18 to 25 euros can be purchased in advance on the Ticketone circuit.)

Sunday, July 10 (8:45 p.m.) Oliphantre
(curated by Pisa jazz Festival)
This is the explosive project of Leïla Martial, Francesco Diodati and Stefano Tamborrino where hip hop suggestions, lashing rock and punk lines, grooves and melodic lyricisms mix with spontaneity and improvisation. From 9:45 p.m., on the occasion of the centenary of Charles Mingus' birth, the large ensemble of the Fonterossa Open Orchestra led by arranger and double bassist Silvia Bolognesi, offers a journey through the composer's music and in particular the 1963 album Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus.
(Admission ticket from 5 to 8 euros purchasable in advance on the Ticketone circuit)

Monday, July 11 (8:45 p.m.) Variable jazz ensemble in Out to Dolphy
(curated by Pisa jazz Festival)
Homage to another musician who made jazz history: the VJE ensemble of the La Spezia Conservatory of Music composed of students and saxophonist Mauro Avanzini, with arrangements by Alessandro Fabbri, dedicates this concert to the shadowy genius of Eric Dolphy and his music. At 9:45 p.m. Parking Addendants, a modern jazz collective of young and very young musicians from all over Italy, will take the stage. Special guest this evening will be saxophonist Seamus Blake, recognized as one of the best exponents of contemporary jazz for the sophistication of his music, compositional skills, and masterful way of playing his instrument.
(Admission ticket from 5 to 8 euros purchasable in advance on the Ticketone circuit)

Tuesday, July 12 (8:45 p.m.) Lilac for People and Kurt Elling
(curated by Pisa jazz Festival)
The octet led by vocalist and composer Francesca Gaza presents "Sfiorire," the second record to be released by Tûk Music. The ensemble is an unconventional band that combines jazz, art pop, folk, and classical into a cohesive, sophisticated and playful sound. At 9:45 p.m., Pisa Jazz Rebirth hosts an authentic superstar jazz vocalist: Kurt Elling comes to Pisa accompanied by guitarist Charlie Hunter. After winning his second Grammy, he presents "SuperBlue," a stunning explosion of funk and jazz that features Charlie Hunter along with two stars of the hip hop generation: drummer Corey Fonville and bassist-keyboardist DJ Harrison.
(Ticket prices from 18 to 25 euros can be purchased in advance on the Ticketone circuit)

Wednesday, July 13 (8:45 p.m.) Francesca Remigi and Nate Smith
(curated by Pisa jazz Festival)
"Archipélagos," the Brussels-born contemporary jazz project winner of the I-Jazz Nuova Generazione Jazz 2021 project and led by Francesca Remigi, versatile drummer and composer winner of Top Jazz 2022 as best new Italian talent. At 9:45 p.m., coming to Giardino Scotto is Nate Smith, the drummer who for nearly two decades has been a key element of the international music scene with his visceral, instinctive and grounded drumming style. He presents in Pisa "Kinfolk: Postcards from Everywhere," a two-time Grammy-nominated debut album in which he blends his original jazz compositions with R&B, pop and hip-hop.
(Ticket prices from 18 to 25 euros can be purchased in advance on the Ticketone circuit)

Thursday, July 14 (8:45 p.m.) Federico Frassi and Christian McBridge
(curated by Pisa jazz Festival)
Young Tuscan pianist Federico Frassi presents "Right Time," a debut as a leader with which he combines swing with a love of tradition and bebop with modern sounds. At 9:45 p.m. comes to Giardino Scotto one of the most important figures in jazz today: bassist, composer, bandleader and eight-time Grammy winner Christian McBride will be in concert with his band Inside Straight. From jazz to R&B, pop/rock and hip-hop/neo-soul to classical, he is a luminary and force of nature fueled by relentless energy and boundless love of swing.
(Ticket prices from 18 to 25 euros can be purchased in advance on the Ticketone circuit)

Friday, July 15 (8:45 p.m.) Camilla Battaglia, Rosa Brunello and Shai Maestro
(curated by Pisa jazz Festival)
With the ancestral sounds of origins and the intertwined strings of traditions and explorations of the "A Song has a Thousand Years" project uniting Camilla Battaglia and Rosa Brunello. At 9:45 p.m., concludes the program of events at Giardino Scotto Shai Maestro, a concert by one of the most promising and talented pianists of his generation, who since his trio debut in 2011 has shaped a strong personality and unique identity, interpreting music that has made him and his band one of the most important groups in jazz today.
(Ticket prices from 18 to 25 euros can be purchased in advance on the Ticketone circuit)

Saturday, July 16 (9:15 p.m.) Girls Against Boys (USA), Altro (Ita)
(curated by Caracol circle)
The tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of the celebrated "House of GVSB," a milestone of the seminal U.S. band, makes a stop at Giardino Scotto in Pisa, on the occasion of the reissue by the historic Touch and Go label. Opening will be Altro, cult Italian post-punk band led by the well-known cartoonist Alessandro Baronciani, for the occasion author of the artwork for the tour poster.
(Admission ticket 15 euros purchasable in advance on the OOOH.Events circuit)

Thursday, July 21 (9 p.m.) Joan As Police Woman (USA)
(curated by Caracol circle)
Acclaimed American singer-songwriter Joan As Police Woman returns to Europe this summer for a select series of solo concerts. Regarded as one of the best musicians of the 21st century, the artist will retrace the highlights of her extraordinary repertoire dating back to 2006. In her long career Joan has spawned an endless series of illustrious collaborations, the most notable of which include Damon Albarn, Gorillaz, Lou Reed, Tony Allen,Beck, Afel Bocoum, Meshell Ndegeocello, Toshi Reagon, David Sylvian, Benjamin Lazar Davis,Sparklehorse, Laurie Anderson, Sufjan Stevens, John Cale, Aldous Harding, Woodkid, JustinVivian Bond, RZA, Norah Jones, Lau, Doveman, Rufus Wainwright and Daniel Johnston.
(Admission ticket 20 euros purchasable in advance on the OOOH.Events circuit)

Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24 (9 p.m.) Borderline Rock Fest second edition
(curated by Borderline club)
On the first night (July 23) as last year are hosted exclusively Tuscan rock/metal bands, this year's headliner will be the historic band Strana Officina, along with Deathless Legacy, ZeroKills consisting of 3 former members of Death SS and Angel Martyr. On the second night (July 24) Nanowar of Steel, a band that is having great international success so much so that it is featured in major international festivals, will take the stage at Scotto with its mix of metal and demented lyrics. Opening the evening will be the Pisan band Mindahead.
(Presales circuit oooh.events)

Monday, July 25 (9 p.m.) Summer Colors
(curated by musical association Il Pentagramma)