Blue Night in Tirrenia 2023

Notte Blu a Tirrenia 2023
Notte Blu a Tirrenia 2023
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Tirrenia's summer will come alive on Friday 21 July with the Blue Night, an event now in its 11th edition and organised by Confcommercio Provincia di Pisa, with the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa, the co-participation of the North-West Tuscany Chamber of Commerce - Terre di Pisa, and made possible thanks to the contribution of Fipe, Sib, Silb and the sponsors Atefi Lavanderia Industriale, Eschini Auto, Bertolini Assicurazioni, Ferrante Costruzioni, Intergomma 4, Lattanzi Group, L'Incanto di Boccadarno, Recapiti Ferrari, Toni Luigi, Bagno Maddalena and is part of the programme of initiatives of Marenia - Non solo mare 2023


6.00 p.m.: the Extraordinary Market organised by Fiva Confommercio Pisa in Piazza Belvedere and Via dei Fiori. 

8.15 p.m.: ribbon-cutting ceremony in the presence of the authorities in Piazza Belvedere and touring performance by the La Montesina folk ensemble, which will officially kick off the Blue Night. Musicians and majorettes from the street band will walk through Piazza Belvedere and Via Belvedere in an enthralling performance. At 9 p.m. it will be possible to watch aerial acrobatics demonstrations by qualified instructors from the Solidago Fitness gym, while the little ones will be able to get excited with giant bubbles, balloons, entertainment and starlight distribution.

From 9.30 p.m. onwards, Radio Mitology's dj set by Enrico Tagliaferri will be ready to make the public go wild with the greatest musical hits of the 70s and 80s. Music lovers will have plenty of opportunities in the Ciclilandia area, where Eclipse 2.0 will perform, and in viale del Tirreno (corner of via delle Rose), with Pink Floyd's greatest hits.

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