Tirrenia Cocktail Night

Tirrenia Cocktail Night
Tirrenia Cocktail Night
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Five clubs join forces for a new and exciting initiative that will allow you to taste and learn about the stories of quality cocktails and spirits through an innovative format.

Kicks off Saturday June 22 from 6 p.m. to midnight, the Tirrenia Cocktail Night, organized by local Bollicine Cafè, La Compagnia, La Vela Tirrenia, Botanic Drink&Food and Tirrenia Doc Cafè, along with Confcommercio Province of Pisa, with the collaboration of Nerò Digital Communication and the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa.

Bollicine Cafè - Rum: “Dammi un buon Mojito per restare a Tirrenia” (Dj set)

La Compagnia – Whisky: “The Double” Whisky Sour&Manhattan Dry, the squared experience based on one of the most famous distillates in the world (DJ set)

La Vela Tirrenia – Gin: “Gin per il mondo”, tasting of a selection of the best gin from different countries of the world (live music - aperitif - dinner show - after dinner dj set)

Botanic Drink&Food – Vodka: “Moscow Mule all’anguria”, per dare il benvenuto alla stagione più calda e bella dell’anno (musica live – dj set)

Tirrenia Doc Caffè – Tequila: “Paloma”, a summer cocktail that finds its origins in Mexico and is prepared by mixing tequila, lime juice and grapefruit tonic (live music "The Dance Machine")

You will have the opportunity to take a tour of the premises and listen for free to the exciting stories of their cokctail. At the entrance will be provided to all a card, you must complete it by visiting all the premises, so you will access the final prize!

Cost: 8,00€ per consumption.

Via degli Oleandri, 59 - Tirrenia
Phone 050 32025
Largo Belvedere, 26 - Tirrenia
Phone 050 37031
Via degli Oleandri, 37-39 - Tirrenia
Phone 050 37125