Domus Mazziniana

Facciata su Via D'Azeglio - Domus Mazziniana (A. Matteucci)
Facciata su Via D'Azeglio - Domus Mazziniana (A. Matteucci)

The Domus Mazziniana is situated in Palazzo Nathan-Rosselli, where Giuseppe Mazzini died in 1872. The building was declared a National monument on 20 March 1910, but was completely destroyed during bombing in 1943. Although the original furniture was lost, the Soprintendenza ai Monumenti had safeguarded relics from the Risorgimento.

The palazzo today is a reconstruction built after the war and was inaugurated in June 1952 by the President of the Republic, Luigi Einaudi. Since then it has become a cultural institution, for the studies of Mazzini’s ideas, the spreading of his works and the collection and conservation of documents and objects related to his life and teachings.

Since 1955 the Institute has published a twice-yearly journal, the Bollettino della Domus Mazziniana, containing articles prevalently of a documentary nature and an organic bibliography of Italian and foreign writings relating to Mazzini.It also publishes its own series of volumes and organises conferences, meetings, seminars and refresher courses for teachers.
The library contains over 40.000 volumes of an essentially historical nature; newspapers and journals of prevalently democratic and republican content can be consulted. The Archives are extremely important, with a catalogue of over 87.000 documents.

There is also a museum in the building with documents, personal belongings and letters and photographs on display that recount the life of Giuseppe Mazzini and the greatest moments of the Italian Risorgimento.


Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 71 – 56126 Pisa (PI)

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