New Management Plan for the site of Piazza del Duomo

Conferenza stampa di presentazione del Piano di Gestione di Piazza del Duomo a Pisa
Conferenza stampa di presentazione del Piano di Gestione di Piazza del Duomo a Pisa

Pisa, March 18, 2021


The Management Plan for the Piazza del Duomo in Pisa was approved and was included by Unesco in 1987, among the first in Italy, in the list of places considered a World Heritage Site. For the planning, management and monitoring of each site, UNESCO requires that a management plan be drawn up, which the organizations that drafted it undertake to implement. Compliance with the Management Plan is a necessary condition for maintaining the site on the World Heritage List.


The Mayor of Pisa Michele Conti, satisfied with the result achieved, made the announcement: "For the first time, having a management plan for the enhancement and conservation of the most precious heritage of the city is a historic achievement for Pisa. The inclusion of a site in the UNESCO World Heritage List entails not only the recognition of its universal value but, above all, a strong assumption of responsibility in protecting it. For this reason it is very important and significant of the will of the Municipal Administration, referent of the project, that finally the site of Piazza del Duomo has also received the approval of the Management Plan. I thank all those involved for the great team work done: the Unesco Office of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Regional Secretariat of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of Tuscany, the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Provinces of Pisa and Livorno , Opera Primaziale, the Tuscany Region, the Province of Pisa, the grouping of companies and professionals led by PtsClas with Mediateur, ArchiSal and Hera. Special thanks to Councilor Dringoli and all the municipal offices who worked to achieve the goal "

From the approval of the Unesco International Convention of 1972 to today, 1352 World Heritage sites have been classified worldwide as representing the great civilizations and cultures of the whole Earth and therefore deserving to be passed on to future generations; Italy is the country that has the most (55), without considering the Vatican City; there are seven sites on the list of the Tuscany Region and among these, since 1987, Piazza del Duomo in Pisa.

The Management Plan. To underline the importance of proper heritage management, in 2002, during its 26th session, the World Heritage Committee adopted the "Budapest Declaration" inviting all partners to support the preservation of World Heritage through fundamental strategic objectives, trying to ensure a fair balance between conservation, sustainability and development, so that the assets of the World Heritage can be protected through adequate activities that contribute to the socio-economic development and quality of life of the communities; through communication, education, research, training and awareness strategies; seeking the active involvement of local authorities, at all levels, in the identification, protection and management of World Heritage assets.

Each request for inclusion in the World Heritage List must therefore be accompanied by a Management Plan which describes how the exceptional value of the site will be protected. The primary objective of the Management Plan is to ensure effective protection of the asset, to ensure its transmission to future generations. For this reason, the management plan must take into account the typological differences, the characteristics and the needs of the site, as well as the cultural and natural context in which it is located. It can also incorporate existing planning systems and other traditional methods of organizing and managing the territory.


Source: Municipality of Pisa