Rigoletto at the Museo della Grafica - SOLD OUT

Rigoletto al Museo della Grafica - POSTI ESAURITI
Rigoletto al Museo della Grafica - POSTI ESAURITI
Museo della Grafica
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"Rigoletto, the fatal curse".

Sunday 19 November, 16:30

Graphics Museum - Lanfranchi Palace

The musical performance is organised by the Scuola Superiore and Sant'Anna Alumni Association as part of the event "Pur bella la vita. Musiche nei luoghi storici di Pisa".

The celebrated character of Rigoletto embodies a figure of a prophet squared. Created from the pen of Victor Hugo in 1832 and made immortal by Giuseppe Verdi in 1851, Rigoletto is a 'monster' man and as such excluded from real life. He can only enter and interfere with the existence of others by changing his own relational code and using that of jester madness. In this dimension (which the world considers to be outside reality) he is allowed to say and do anything, enjoying total immunity. As long as he does not 'demand' that others recognise and respect his humanity, because then the outcome can only be tragedy.
Luigi Dei recounts, in his own words, the fatal curse of this character, a true myth in the history of melodrama, emphasising his vicissitudes that are as human as they are tragic.

These are the words of Luigi Dei "... the text recited between the various arias not only proposes to the spectators the evolution of the story, but uses language and metaphors capable of highlighting those eternal sentiments that animate human drives: curse, unhappiness, despair, cowardice, love, disillusionment, deception, pain, cowardice, and so on. The text, in short, wants to take the audience by the hand and accompany them through the meanders of a story that is as gripping as it is dramatic and ultimately tragic, but above all an authentic story....".
Accompanying the narration, some young singers and a piano counterpoint by performing the most famous arias from Giuseppe Verdi's opera of the same name.

The performance is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Franco Mosca

Reciting voice: Luigi Dei
Concertmaster: Giovanni Del Vecchio
Accompanist pianist: Debora Tempestini
Simone Balducci, baritone: Rigoletto
Ko Seonjin, soprano: Gilda
Vladimir Reustov, tenor: Duke of Mantua
Anna Trotta, mezzo-soprano: Maddalena
Simone Simoni, bass: Sparafucile

Admission is free with prior booking at: purbellalavita@gmail.com - Attention: places sold out