Mistero Buffo Ugo Dighero Corriere Dello Spettacolo
Mistero Buffo Ugo Dighero Corriere Dello Spettacolo
teatro Nuovo
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"Mistero Buffo" by Dario Fo
With Ugo Dighero
Production: Teatro dell'Archivolto
New Theater Organization
in collaboration with the Teatro del Ghigno
"The first miracle of baby Jesus" and "La parpaja topola" are two very popular stories created by the volcanic imagination of our Nobel Prize winner for literature Dario Fo.
They belong to that marvelous container called "Mystery buffo" whose recurring feature is the most obvious choice of language.
Dario Fo, taking up the tradition of art comedians, forced by the "Counter-reform" to invent a French-like, a quasi-Spanish, a semi-German, to play in European countries during their flight from Italy, proposes his personal gramelot , mixing Nordic dialects, archaic words and onomatopoeia sounds.
The language thus invented possesses an impressively communicative capacity that manages to directly touch the soul of the spectators using irony and hyperbole as favorite instruments.
"The first miracle of baby Jesus" is taken from one of the apocryphal gospels and describes a Holy Family of an unusual and touching humanity.
"La parpaja topola", taken from a medieval French fablieux, proposes, as happens in the film Forrest Gump, a very effective metaphor on the idiot.
Giavanpetro, young goatherd, will succeed, with his simplicity, his tenderness and his mind free of malice, to conquer the most beautiful girl in the country despite the traps that the cynical world places on its path.
Dighero offers a personal version of it giving life to a dizzying theatrical gallop in which the modern jester must be able to interpret all the characters of the events, view the settings and make the viewer perceive the smells and sounds of the places of the story.
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