Swap Party Pisa
Swap Party Pisa
Teatro Rossi
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After the Christmas holidays, we could not miss another Swap appointment for the exchange of clothes! An afternoon without money dedicated to waste reduction, ecology and the right value of things.
From 2.30 pm onwards to the Teatro Rossi Aperto.
What does Swap Party mean? from the English Swap, "exchange", is by definition a barter, an exchange of objects without money. Everything has value, not only economic, but also ecological, social, effective and useful. Judging their objects for every value they bring with them is a way to learn how to get out of the monetary optics to which this model of development has accustomed us and try to give new life to our objects, reducing the possibility that they become waste.
We bring and exchange clothes for all sizes and all ages, as long as they are in good condition
- 2.30 pm: collection of clothes and accessories.
- 3:00 pm: start swap party!
- 4.00 pm: end of the clothes collection.
- 4.30 pm: snack of the mustard bean - Bottega del Mondo
For the entire duration of the event it will be possible to participate in the #Workshop "Recover-I love the wool" of "The reclaimed spindle".