Spettacolo teatrale "Il girello" al teatro Verdi

Girello 2
Girello 2
Teatro Verdi
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The Theater season, for the usual appointment with Baroque opera, this year offers the delightful 'burlesque drama for music' Il Girello that Pistoia Jacopo Melani composed on Filippo Acciaiuoli's booklet and was one of the most prestigious titles represented in the second half of the sixteenth century. At the Girello there is an aperitif-talk show on Thursday afternoon at 6pm in the Verdi Foyer.
On Sunday 3 December at 3:30 pm (preceded by the matinée schools on Saturday 2 December and the aperitif conversation in the Foyer del Verdi on Thursday, November 30 at 6 pm) Girello takes on the stage of Verdi in the acclaimed setting of the puppetry Carlo Colla & Figli and Auser Musici, produced by the Teatro di Pisa in collaboration with the Teatro Pistoiese Association and with the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Pistoia and Pescia, the installation that debuted last March, in its first modern execution in the hometown of Melani within Pistoia's Italian Capital of Culture.
In the light of a philological and historical knowledge, Il Girello is proposed in the version for 'fantoccini' created for Venice in 1682 and it thus sees the precious puppets of the puppetry Carlo Colla & Figli puppetry, whose bass notes Giorgio Marcello (Girello , And the tenor Alberto Allegrezza (Tartaglia, Pasquella) and Riccardo Pisani (Ormondo, Odoardo, Inganno), the countertenor Riccardo Angelo Strano (Mustafa, Vendetta), the soprano Jennifer Schittino (Doralba, Erminda, Proserpina) . The orchestra is Auser Musici, directed by Carlo Ipata. The director is Eugenio Monti Colla, who suddenly missed November 21 in Milan and whose recital is dedicated.
The story tells Girello, a poor gardener, exposed to various forms of harassment by the noble figures he is serving (Filone and Ormondo). With a magical stratagem, he succeeds in overthrowing the situation, dressing up suddenly as a gift and being able to give orders and imprison those who first beat him and dishonor his wife (Pasquella). The story unfolds between shots and comic situations, amorous interweaving and dramaturgically actioned scenes, in an alternation of records cleverly mixed by Acciaiuoli and masterfully melancholic.
The Girello is therefore an intriguing parody of power and its use, and Girello sberleffi, destabilizing the dull and prevaricated order, emphasize even more the modernity of language because it allows us to see our weaknesses and vanities reproduced by the "fantasines" , and still laugh at ourselves.
The work lasts about two and a half hours, including an interval; tickets still available at the Green Theater Box (door and phone) and in the Vivaticket circuit. For more information tel 050 941 111.