Soundtracks alla Gipsoteca di Arte Antica

Loc Giposteca
Loc Giposteca
Gipsoteca di arte antica
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S ou n d t r a c k s
Gipsoteca of Ancient Art of the University of Pisa
Piazza San Paolo all'Orto - Pisa
Sunday, June 4 at 19:30
The L.O.C. (Laboratory Orchestra Creativa) was born in 2013 under the direction of Piergiorgio Pirro and Tony Cattano within the "G. Bonamici" Music School in Pisa and has developed in these years of particular features by practicing various executive practices of jazz contemporary design . In 2014, the orchestra took part in the sound of the film "Tabu", a masterpiece by German director F.W. Murnau, this experience has led them to have some attention to the combination of music and cinema, subsequently making a sound of another mute movie masterpiece: Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr. on original music by Tony Cattano.
Recently the project is "Soundtracks", which is intended for the sound of two films. The first is a film belonging to the French film company "Pathè Freres" entitled "Chief Worker Fire" (1909), the second is a collage of various films that have as the leitmotif the world of work seen from the eyes of cinema, from "Metropolis "By Fritz Lang (1927) on" Day of Pay "by C. Chaplin (1922), by" Steel "by W. Ruttmann (1933) at" The Exit from Lumière Workshops "by Lumière Brothers (1895).
The LOC is formed by:
Tony Cattano - trombone and direction
Flaminia Vannozzi - flute
Paolo Cianflone - soprano sax
Andrea Arioli - a trumpet
Chiara Martelli - sax baritone
Francesco Arrighi - piano
Andrea Spinelli - guitar
Original Music by T. Cattano, J.Tchicai.