SHINE Pink Floyd Moon

SHINE Pink Floyd Moon
SHINE Pink Floyd Moon
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SHINE Pink Floyd Moon

Thursday 28 July 21:30

Piazza dei Cavalieri, Pisa

guest Denys Ganio
Soloists and corps de ballet Alessandro Burini Francesco Cipriani Francesco Curatolo Susanna Elviretti
Maria Vittoria Frascarelli Ilaria Grisanti Mattia Ignomiriello Noemi Luna Madoka Sasaki Mattia Tortora
Leonardo Zannella
maître de ballet Stefania Di Cosmo
assistant choreographer Miki Matsuse Stefania Di Cosmo Riccardo Di Cosmo

Fabio Castaldi bass, vocals
Alessandro Errichetti guitar, vocals
Emanuele Esposito drums
Simone Temporali keyboards, vocals
Paolo Angioi acoustic, electric, 12-string guitar, bass, vocals
with Maurizio Leoni saxophone
Nicoletta Nardi, Sonia Russino, Giorgia Zaccagni backing vocals

Daniele Cipriani Entertainment s.c. Associate Minds of Gilda Petronelli
in co-production with Pergolesi Spontini Foundation of Jesi
choreography and direction Micha van Hoecke
musical direction Fabio Castaldi
costumes Anna Biagiotti
lights Alessandro Caso
audio Maurizio Capitini
video AnderTool
live music Pink Floyd Legend

SHINE Pink Floyd Moon was the latest work by Belgian choreographer Micha van Hoecke. After its debut at the Ravenna Festival in 2019 and several performances around Italy, came the Roman premiere at the Teatro Olimpico.
The next day, 4 March 2020, the second performance had not yet finished when the dreaded news of the theatre closure arrived. At that very moment on stage, the famous inscription 'RESIST!' (final picture of The Wall) appeared in huge letters on the backdrop.
Unfortunately, he would not make it in time to see the resumption of his work. Re-scheduled twice by the Filarmonica Romana, the performances continued to skip following new closures until the chance to return last autumn at the Teatro Olimpico.

SHINE is set on "that" moon, the one that cannot be seen but lives hidden inside each of us and of which the moon in the sky is only a pale reflection. On a dark night, its subtle silver rays can help us find our way back, and this is what happens when, at the end of the show, Denys Ganio (who impersonates Syd Barrett, the band's musician who was lost in the maze of madness) lights a flickering flame in the darkness. It is fantasy, or, as Van Hoecke put it: 'The weapon to fight the materialism that rages, the hope to overcome the power and lusts that loom today'.
Reminiscent of the cover of Pink Floyd's album The Dark Side of the Moon, a black prism refracting a rainbow of hope, SHINE Pink Floyd Moon, exhorts us to turn on, after these 'new moon' times of ours, not only the bright side of our inner moon, or soul, but above all the true sun that radiates within us, as Origen well knew. Shine on! 



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