Pisa Scotto festival

Pisa Scotto festival
Pisa Scotto festival
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The 'Pisa Scotto Festival', a series of live events, will start on Monday 7 June. It will take place at Giardino Scotto and will last three weeks, until Sunday 27 June. The festival is promoted by the Municipality of Pisa through the Fondazione Teatro di Pisa, realised by Massimiliano Simoni with his brand Artitaly and the coordination of literary events and communication by Francesca Petrucci. Among the main guests Franco Cardini, Gene Gnocchi, Marcello Veneziani, Alessio Boni, Walter Veltroni, Paolo Conticini, Alessandro Sallusti and Luca Palamara.

Created with the aim of enhancing the precious urban green space of Giardino Scotto, the festival will offer a rich programme of events, all free of charge, taking place from 5.30 to 7.30 p.m. and ranging from culture to entertainment, from current affairs to politics, from health to aesthetics, from nutrition to sport, with special attention reserved for children. Each afternoon is dedicated to a specific theme: Monday and Tuesday are literary meetings, with book presentations accompanied by readings and musical interludes. Wednesday and Friday are dedicated to theatre and entertainment for children and adults. Thursday is dedicated to talk shows based on the "caffè concerto" model; Saturday is dedicated to tastings and presentations of Pisan excellence, while Sunday is dedicated to round tables. Every Monday and Friday there will also be fun and educational activities for children.

Nationally renowned personalities from the worlds of culture and entertainment will be coming to Pisa: Franco Cardini, Gene Gnocchi, Marcello Veneziani, Alessio Boni, Walter Veltroni, Paolo Conticini, Alessandro Sallusti and many others. Renowned experts will talk about aesthetics, medicine, travel and hiking, sport, and the world of entertainment, and there will also be musical, theatrical, and entertainment moments. Two evenings will feature "I Pisani più schietti" (the most straightforward Pisans), with presentations and tastings of wines from our hills, organised in collaboration with FISAR - Federazione Italiana Sommelier Albergatori e Ristoratori (Italian Federation of Sommeliers, Hoteliers and Restaurateurs).

The Festival, also designed for families and children, offers shows and educational and recreational activities designed to involve children, but not only. Every Wednesday, theatrical performances for children of all ages, while on Mondays and Fridays, again starting at 5.30 pm, in the large, shady green area of the Garden, animated readings will be staged, led by Daniela Bertini, who will arrive with her "Bici delle Storie" and readers from "Nati per leggere", as well as puppets, magic tricks and many other surprises.

The programme also includes two evening events, to be held at 8.30 p.m.: on Sunday 20 June, the docufilm "Pisa, city of water and light", with Roberto Farnesi and Chantal Pistelli; on Thursday 24 June, "ARPA d'estate", a musical and artistic evening to raise funds, organised by the Arpa Foundation in memory of Franco Mosca, with the participation of the honorary president, maestro Andrea Bocelli, and the artistic direction of Renato Raimo.

During the literary encounters there will be a bookshop organised by Mariangela Mori's Libreria Civico 14, and the photographic reportage will be organised by Nicola Gronchi. The evenings will be filmed and broadcast by 50 Canale from Monday 14 June every Monday, Friday and Sunday at 9 p.m. The Festival's media partners are the Tuscan culture portal Toscanalibri.it and Sestaporta.news.

The events are open to all and admission is free. Because of the restrictions dictated by the protocol relating to anti-COVID 19 standards, places are numbered and limited (200 places, for Fisar tastings places are 100), and it is compulsory to book by 11.30 p.m. on the day before the event you wish to attend on the website of the Verdi Theatre: www.teatrodipisa.pi.it. It is also possible to book several events on the calendar, with a maximum of five places available for each person who registers.

Pisa Scotto Festival

The programme

Monday 7 June at 18:00 - "MMM. Marco, the Mediterranean, the Middle Ages". Franco Cardini tells the new edition of a great book by Marco Tangheroni with Martina Tonfoni (editor Corriere della Sera). Moderator: Francesca Petrucci.

Tuesday 8 June at 6pm - Gene Gnocchi presents "Il gusto puffo" (Solferino). Dialogue with Francesca Petrucci.

Thursday 10 June at 6pm - "Tu chiamale se vuoi Emulsioni...". Umberto Borellini (cosmetologist). Dialogue with Annamaria Frigo (owner of the Scuola Superiore di Estetica - Lucca). Musical accompaniment by Matilde Pellegri.

Friday 11 June at 6 p.m. - "Andy And Sophy. A jukebox of love!". Performers Matilde Pellegri and Matteo Romano

Saturday12 June at 6pm - Alessandro Sallusti, Luca Palamara present "Il sistema. Potere, politica affari: storia segreta della magistratura italiana" (Rizzoli). Moderator: Marco Gasperetti (Corriere della Sera).

Sunday13 June at 18:00 - "Sport in Pisa and its athletes". With the president of PISA Sc Giuseppe Corrado and the former gold medalist and Coni national councillor Salvatore Sanzo. Moderator Elisa Bani.

Monday, June 14 at 18:00 - Alessio Boni presents "Bite the fog" (Solferino). Dialogue with Francesca Petrucci. Readings by Paolo Giommarelli.

Tuesday, June 15 at 18:00 - John Toscano presents "The leash" (Fandango). Dialogue with Elisa Bani.

Thursday 17 June at 6pm - "Latest frontiers in orthopaedic stem cell therapy". Fernando Colao, Professor of Orthopaedics and Tramautology, vice-president of the International Stem Cell Therapy Society. Dialogue with Massimiliano Simoni. Musical accompaniment by Maestro Andrea Caciolli.

Friday 18 June at 6 p.m. - Aleandro Baldi presents "Una storia in musica". Presented by Massimiliano Simoni.

Saturday, June 19 at 18:00 - "The Pisans more frank. Presentation and tasting of wines from Pisa by the historical delegation of the Italian Federation of Sommeliers and Restaurateurs - FISAR - Pisa. Moderator: Elisa Bani. (Event with limited number of participants - 100 places).

Sunday 20 June at 17:30 - Michele Taddei presents "Steppa bianca. Memoirs of Albino warhorse (Cantagalli). Dialogue with Renzo Castelli.

18:30 - "Travel, routes and paths. Speakers Alessandro Agostinelli, Andrea Carubi, Paolo Ciampi, Barbara Gizzi, Marzia Maestri, Raffaele Mannelli, Francesca Pacini. Moderator: Chiara Cini.

8:30 p.m. - "Pisa, city of water and light". Documentary film by Pierpaolo Magnani with Roberto Farnesi and Chantal Pistelli. Original music by Alessandro Carmignani.

Monday, June 21 at 18:30 - Paul Conticini presents "I loved everything" (Elledibook - Pacini). Dialogue with Francesca Petrucci.

Tuesday 22 June at 6.30pm - Walter Veltroni presents "Il caso Moro e la Prima Repubblica" (Solferino). Dialogue with Franco Cardini.

Thursday 24 June at 6pm - Marcello Veneziani presents "La leggenda di Fiore" (Marsilio). Moderator Massimiliano Simoni.

8:30 p.m. - "Arpa d'estate". The Fondazione Arpa remembers Franco Mosca. Musical and artistic event to raise funds. With the participation of the honorary president Maestro Andrea Bocelli. Artistic direction by Renato Raimo.

Friday 25 June at 6.00 p.m. - Sergio Mascagni presents "Dal vinile al digitale la musica sta andando a male". Musical Talk Show.

Saturday, June 26 at 18:00 - "The Pisans more frank. Presentation and tasting of wines from Pisa by the historical delegation of the Italian Federation of Sommeliers, Hoteliers and Restaurateurs - FISAR - Pisa. Moderator: Elisa Bani. (Event with limited number of participants - 100 places).

Sunday 27 June at 6 p.m. - "Il teatro al tempo della pandemia". Dramas, comedies, operas and new visions with Patrizia Paoletti, president of the Fondazione Teatro di Pisa and Enrico Stinchelli, artistic director of musical activities at the Teatro di Pisa and Silvano Patacca, artistic director of drama and dance at the Teatro di Pisa. Dialogue with Francesca Petrucci.


Monday 7th June - Children's Area at 5.30pm - "La Bici delle Storie". A small reading and dramatization event. Led by Daniela Bertini (Il Gabbiano).

Wednesday 9 June - Theatre Area at 18:00 - "Pinocchio's Adventure". Theatre show for children with Italo Pecoretti.

Friday, June 11 - Children's Area at 17:30 - "Magic Show". Magic show with the "Senza Nome".

Monday, June 14 - Children's Area at 17:30 - "Born to Read". Readings for children from 0 to 6 years old with the volunteer readers "Nati per Leggere Pisa".

Wednesday 16 June - Theatre Area at 18:00 - "Cabriolet. Quando la magia esce dagli schemi". Theatre show for children by and with Federico Pieri.

Friday, June 18 - Children's Area at 17:30 - "Crossed stories for fat laughs". Stories of Rodari, word games, laughter and puppets. With and by Daniela Bertini, Giulia Trimarco, Marina Pieroni.

Monday 21 June - Children's Area at 5.30 p.m. - "La bici delle storie". A small reading and dramatisation event. Led by Daniela Bertini (Il Gabbiano).

Wednesday 23 June - Theatre Area at 18:00 - "The ventriloquist". Theatre show for children with Nicola Pesaresi.

Friday, June 25 - Children's Area at 17:30 - "Abracadabra". Magic show with the "Senza Nome".