Renzo Galardini Mediterraneo

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Renzo Galardini Mediterraneo
Nicola Miceli
He documented the work of the artist
Renzo Galardini
It will illustrate the creative path
The Councilor will be present
Andrea Ferrante
Renzo Galardini was born in Pisa in 1946, lives and works in
Montescudaio, Pisa. Graduated from the Istituto d'Arte di Lucca,
With Guglielmo Malato and Vitaliano De Angelis, attended the
Course of Scenography of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
Painter, engraver and ceramic, it was reported "Bolaffi" for the
Graphics by Enzo Carli, in 84, with the motive: "For the estro
Provocative and ironic with which the clear graphic technique recalls
Both simulacri, emblems and symbols of history, and objects of the
Present, giving them an unprecedented poetic suggestion. " Has
Held in Italy and in a series of American museums. IS'
Has been present in important exhibitions including:
Biennale «Tono Zancanaro» Vico d'Elsa (1986); Exhibition
International Graphic Design in Tampa, Florida (1987).
He has published numerous graphic editions: the harp and others
DrÔleries, introduction by Michele Feo (1980). Myths of the
Neighborhoods. 12 written memoirs, texts by Silvano Burgalassi and Nicola
Micieli (1980). To give the perpetual city a banquet to the craving (1981).
Six boards for an adventure in the woods, with a ballad of Nicola
Micieli (1986).
In 92, edited by Micieli, he was released at Edison in Bologna
Full catalog of his engravings, preface by Enzo Carli
Among the Presences, Incisal, House of Chesino, Poggibonsi (1989).
Engraved elsewhere, formerly Mattatoio, Cagliari (1993). monumentally
Yours, Villa Pacchiani, Santa Croce S / Arno (1996). Engraving
Pisa from the twentieth century, Limonaia of Palazzo Ruschi, Pisa (1998).
Art for Life, former Benedictine Monastery, Pisa (1999) and
Catskin Stitches (2000). Ex-vote for the Millennium, Museum
National of Certosa di Calci, Pisa (2000). Made in Italy. Six
Contemporary artists, The Grace Museum, Abilene, Texas
(2003). Staff at the Casermetta San Pietro, Lucca, for the
September, Lucchese (2006).
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