Pisa Marathon 2017

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Sunday, December 17th, 2017, eight days before Christmas, Pisa will run the PisaMarathon, the 42k that this year will touch the nineteen editions: as every year the race will be flanked by La Pisanina 21k, both competitive and not, as well as three Non-competitive Christmas Run of 14k, 7k and 3k.
THE NEWS 2017 - Among the most interesting news of the 2017 edition there will be the introduction of the participation of the Handbikers, which will start 10 'before the marathon runners, and the total closure to the traffic of the race segment between the 6th and 11th ° kilometer, or the fraction between the Vettola and San Piero.
REGISTRATION - Registration for all the competitions of the nineteenth edition of the PisaMarathon 2017 will open Saturday, April 1st and can be done by accessing the MySdam website.
MARATHON VILLAGE ROME - On the occasion of the 2017 edition of the Rome Marathon, which will be held on Sunday 2nd April, from Friday 31st March to Sunday after the 42k Roman, the PisaMarathon Organization will be present inside the Marathon Village with a space where it will be possible to register for the race or simply to have information and discover all the news of the new edition.
ESCHER - Like every year, also for 2017 the Pisa Marathon has linked its name to that of a great international artist, the Dutch engraver and mathematician Maurits Cornelius Escher, undoubtedly one of the most popular and debated artists of the twentieth century. The works, which will be exhibited in the rooms of the Palazzo Blu, will represent a summa of the art of the scientist - artist who has been able to combine in his lithographs, woodcuts and concepts such as perpetual motion, infinity, self-referentiality, recursive processes and impossible objects such as the Penrose Triangle or the Necker Cube.