Royal Victoria Hotel
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My Life” is the title chosen by two female artists for their exhibition. The leading figures of this cultural event are actually a mother and her daughter: Elena Tomassi and Cristina  Tomassi Parruccini, an original duo whose works will be displayed in a special area at the Royal Victoria Hotel with the support of Pisa Municipality and in collaboration with the local Mayoral Council in charge of cultural activities.

Elena Tomassi is a sculptor and a painter. Her approach to clay shaping has a resolute touch to it, where it is possible to glimpse a deformation of the human figure which is endowed with the gift of suggesting a sense of drama and sensuality in the most tender and powerful way. She moulds the raw material with her hands, making it pander to her wishes; her clay comes eventually to fulfillment and rest after a rhythmic dance, fitting into unpredictable balance patterns. Her figures materialise out of nothing: while animating surreal atmospheres, they begin an alternate song made of appearances and disappearances which bewitch the watcher.

Cristina Tomassi Parruccini is a painter with a predilection for portraying nude figures and faces. The latter seem to come to life as if filtered through the artist’s sight, which place them against typical backgrounds with the intention of «expressing the portrayed persons’ thoughts» as she personally puts it. Her nude portraits, on the other hand, catch the «little secret of every soul» the hidden treasure which makes us «special and unique» individuals.

Until November, 9th, at the Royal Victoria Hotel,  Lungarno Pacinotti – Pisa. Opening hours: every day, from 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.