Marenia - i concerti dal 14 al 19 Agosto 2019

Tiromancino 2 2
Tiromancino 2 2
marina di Pisa
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The program
Wednesday, August 14th at 9.30pm: P.F.M. in concert
The Premiata Forneria Marconi arrives at Marina on the notes of the collection 'TVB-The Very Best', a journey into the musical world of the historic band. In this sound path all the studio albums are represented: from the first, 'History of a minute', to the last 'Emotional Tattoos'. And there will be no lack of songs by Fabrizio De André, including rock and poetry. Organized by the Teatro di Pisa Foundation.
Thursday, August 15th at 9.30pm: Claudio Batta & Friends
Comedian Claudio Batta, known for the Calabrian character Capocenere, 'the enigmist' of Zelig Circus, will amuse the public for a Ferragosto all to laugh about! There will be an area dedicated to food trucks. By Confcommercio Pisa, CCIAA Pisa, Terre di Pisa.
Friday, August 16th at 9.30pm: Rememories from the 90s
A square in celebration, an evening of music, colors and flavors. The Piazza Gorgona Festival is a revival of the nostalgic 80s, dance 90 and hits of the year 2000. An event organized by Confcommercio Province of Pisa. From an idea by Alessandro Trolese and Marco Cardinotti. By Confcommercio Pisa, CCIAA Pisa, Terre di Pisa.
Saturday 17th August at 9:30 pm: Caporali Coraggiosi in concert
The only Tribute dedicated to Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi. Caporali Coraggiosi is a tribute to the Tour of the Courageous Captains that the two artists performed between 2015 and 2016. Organized by the Fondazione Teatro di Pisa.
Sunday 18 August at 9.30pm: Finale Marenia's Got Talent
Jurors of the evening: Amaury Perez, Paolo Conticini, Mariella Nava. The path of the Talent concludes, which saw dozens of artists and competitors take part, something new in the summer of 2019. Started last July 22nd, it is organized by the Teatro di Pisa Foundation and the Municipality of Pisa in collaboration with the Entertainment agency 'Retroscena ', and the musical association' The Pentagram '.
Monday 19th August at 9.30 pm: Tiromancino in concert
After the success of the tour full of sold out in the most important Italian theaters and the start of the summer dates, the Tiromancino with the extraordinary artistic sensitivity of Federico Zampaglione, continue their live path for the whole summer. In the concert in Piazza Gorgona, the band is ready to give an exciting evening, a journey through the greatest hits of the repertoire and new surprises.