La Tosca di Giacomo Puccini a Palazzo Blu

Palazzo Blu 3
Palazzo Blu 3
Palazzo Blu
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Saturday, July 6th, the second appointment of the 2019 Opera a Palazzo season begins. In the courtyard of Palazzo Blu (at 9.00 pm) the Tosca by Giacomo Puccini, the reduced opera, will be staged by the company FuoriOpera. The event is free, to participate you need to book on the online platform starting at 2.30pm on 2 July.
Rome, its spring in which everything seems possible in its warm skies smelling of thyme ... Floria Tosca surprises her Mario inside the church of Sant’Andrea della Valle while he paints a madonna with the likeness of the Marchesa Attavanti. Thus all his jealousy is unleashed which will accompany her until the tragic epilogue.
The mass is focused on the relationship of the three protagonists (Tosca, Cavaradossi and Scarpia), on the great political themes of the early nineteenth century of a Europe dominated by the revolutionary winds and on the personal and morbid affairs that come from human relations. The historical setting is not decontextualized, but fixed in the period in which the story takes place, like a historical painting with blurred features and blurred contours. The dark colors that tend from dark red to rougenoire, the color of living blood, outline the echoes of love and war in a fuzzy way.
libretto by G. Giacosa and L. Illica, music by Giacomo Puccini
Floria Tosca, Laura Dacomo
Mario Cavaradossi, Alessandro Mundula
Baron Scarpia, Wellington De Santana Moura
Il Sagrestano, Fabio Midolo
Piano, Elia Tagliavia
Concert Master - Andrea Deutsch Gottfried
put into space - Fabio Midolo
scenography - Nicola Console
costumes - Elena Romagnoli
technical assistance - Domiziano Maselli