Thursday, April 12 at 17 at the Museum of Graphics (Palazzo Lanfranchi, Lungarno Galilei 9) will host the event Ti racconto Turandot, a book to play with the theater and music at school and in the family. For the occasion, the authors will meet the teachers and explain them the didactic-creative paths related to the book The fairy tale of Princess Turandot. As no one has ever told you (Edizioni ETS). For info and reservations0502211372.
The book - The fairy tale of the cruel Princess Turandot, insensitive to love and who is beheading all her pretenders, already so often told at the theater by names like Gozzi, Schiller, Busoni, Puccini, is here proposed in a completely unexpected way. Recovering its ancient origins popular, grafting magical and fairytale elements, highlighting the decisive role that in the story is occupied by the figure of the guest "foreign" able, with his actions, to heal the disease of the Princess and her city, the authors unveil an "other" story by Turandot, rich in value for today's kids. In addition, the volume offers the opportunity for its young readers to stage their Turandot, thanks to the multimedia contents of the attached DvD and simple and clear instructions. An invitation to "turn the roles", so that they become narrators themselves, transform the narration into a show with scenes and music, they enjoy playing with words, sounds, figures and hands, freely using their imagination . The book is a story to read and to tell, words and sounds to transform; characters to create; videos, music and sounds to play with; sets to make; a show to be represented at home, in the classroom or on the table; instructions for the use of texts and music; playful and educational suggestions to invent other shows; cards to learn more. Illustrations by Ines Cattabriga
Renzo Boldrini is an author, director, theatrical training expert, with particular reference to the new generations and the world of the school, artistic director of the Teatro Comunale Verdi of Santa Croce sull'Arno and of the Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro.
Claudio Proietti has practiced for years, a little frantically, various musical professions (teacher, concert performer, critic, musicologist, organizer, trainer, disseminator, director of theater and conservatory), but the age of retirement and the work of grandfather they have diminished his craving for new evidence. However, he chose to do it only for experiences able to amuse and excite him: first of all to play, for example in collaboration with friends, singers or pianists; or create for young people, revitalizing the ancient and fortunate collaboration with Renzo Boldrini; or even to make musical divulgation, as happens through radio broadcasts and meetings with the public