Internet Festival 2022

Internet Festival 2022
Internet Festival 2022
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A prestigious university city of international standing, Pisa confirms its vocation for research and analysis of possible future scenarios with initiatives of interest and media depth. Among these is the Internet Festival, which is the only event in Italy that tackles with scientific lucidity a subject that is not easy to analyse.

Imperfection will be the focus of #IF2022, the twelfth edition of the Internet Festival in Pisa from 6 to 9 October 2022 and online from October to December 2022. A disruptive and innovative festival to explore the web and forms of the future together. An unmissable phygital appointment with workshops, seminars, exhibitions, installations, games and events for a full immersion in the boundless universe of the Internet

A less idealised, more imperfect digital innovation. An innovative drive that dwells on elements of discontinuity at the expense of standardisation, of inclusiveness in respect of diversity and inequality.  A democratic innovation that privileges the imperfect harmony of participation in order to build digital systems effectively tailored to shared collective needs.

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