Internet festival 2019

Nocurves 3 2
Nocurves 3 2
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The futurist and humanist Gerd Leonhard, the writers and essayists Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling, the head of communication of Pope Francis Lucio Adrián Ruiz, the actor Elio Germano, the dark web expert Carola Frediani, the oldest Italian influencer Licia Fertz (89 years and 65 thousand followers on Instagram), the cartoonist and illustrator Makkox, the chef Antonello Colonna, the comedians and video makers The Jackal, the director and director of La Fura dels Baus Pep Gatell: these are some of the protagonists of the edition 2019 of Internet Festival-Forme di Futuro, the event that from nine years makes the point in Pisa on the evolution of digital ecosystems.
The #regoledelgioco will be the leitmotif of # IF2019 from 10 to 13 October: the objective is to investigate the effects of digital innovation on participation, democracy, information, research, entertainment and sport, entrepreneurship, privacy and commerce with particular attention to the shortage or to the excess of rules. That - when necessary - must be shared and never constrictive. This path will also take place in light of the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the launch, on the initiative of the University of Pisa, of the first cycle of computer science studies in Italy.
Thirteen thematic areas, identified to tell the relationship between the network and contemporary society through different languages: from those of cinema, virtual reality and TV series to those of books, sports, art, gaming and taste .
Among the multi-voice meetings, it should be noted 'Digital fair play', with a focus on Cybersecurity, on laws and rights that digital innovation overwhelms and distorts, on sport grappling with technological tools designed to reduce human error, with guests representing football, tennis and basketball.
In 'ECOmmunity' we talk about the opportunities that the network offers to bring man closer to nature. And in 'The stakes' we analyze the issues from the circular economy, the engine of development that safeguards employment and the ecosystem, up to the 4.0 enterprise that puts innovation at the center of the production process and 5G with effects not only in the field economic, but social and environmental. Virtuous examples and case histories will highlight the existing in Tuscany, starting with the leather goods district between Santa Croce, San Miniato and Pontedera, which has long activated a green tanning project, and in the national field.
Great attention to the topics of information, internet and satire by the Officine del .it by .it Registry in collaboration with the editorial staff of Luca Sofri's Il Post, and in 'Tech vs. Human 'on the scenarios of participatory democracy at the time of fake news and fact checking.