Imago Mundi

 SMS Expo Centre and Graphics Museum
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Pisa, SMS Expo Centre, November 22nd – December 8th, 2014. Exhibition of the Twelfth Photo-Marathon. Contemporary Photographic Art. “The Alternative Russian Revival”. Photography Exhibition – Master Classes – Workshop. A magnificent event dedicated to all true lovers of classic photography and old printing techniques.

Pisa, SMS Expo Centre, November 29th – December 8th, 2014. Out of Context  Pasolini and the slum people / Photography Exhibition. “Alchemia”, an association which has been supported both by Pisa University’s Student Board and the Regional Institution for the Promotion of Students’ Rights (DSU Toscana), is proud to present “Out of Context – Pasolini and the slum people”. On the basis of pictures taken from Pasolini’s film sets, this visual path will give a glimpse of Roman sub-proletarian life during the Sixties.

Pisa, Museo della Grafica, Palazzo Lanfranchi, from December 6th to 14th, 2014. Exhibition entitled “All Our Yesterdays. Memories from our Family Albums”. The International project known as “Europeana Photography” was conceived to collect and evaluate the photographic heritage of our continent. In the frame of this digitalisation project, some of the most relevant pictures from the main European archives have been transferred on the Web.