Il palio di San Ranieri

Ponte di mezzo
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It takes place every year on the afternoon of June 17, for the patron of San Ranieri: four boats representing the four ancient districts - two representing Tramontana and two of southern Italy - run a regatta on the waters of the Arno.
At the sunset, after the parade of the historic procession recalling the splendor of the Maritime Republic, starts the race.
Every neighborhood is distinguished by its own colors:
San Martino - red
Sant'Antonio - green
Santa Maria - blue
St. Francis - yellow
The first traces of the Pisan naval battalion date back to the 13th century when the chronicles recall a stake held in 1292 on the occasion of the Assumption to the Sky of the Virgin.
Only since 1718 the stake was held on June 17 for the reign of Patron Saint Ranieri.
The regatta takes place along a 1,500-meter-long counter-current voyage, leaving the Railway Bridge and arriving at the Medicean Palace.
The boats used are inspired by the typical "stefan frigates" of the Medicean Order of the Knights of Santo Stefano: they are made of fiberglass with fixed seat. The crew consists of eight rowers, the helmsman and the rider. It is the task of the latter to climb on one of the 4 canaps that reach the top of a 10 meter high pitcher at the finish line and grab the blue palio, a symbol of victory.
Two papers, on the other hand, represent the little recognition for the latest classifieds.
The regatta recalls the company of Lepanto when the Fleet of the Knights of Santo Stefano went to the admiration of the Turkish flagship to seize the "flame" of the fight placed on the pennone.
The banner, recently restored, is kept in the Knights' Church in Pisa.