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From November 26th to December 17th, the XXI edition of the Nessiah Festival, directed as always by Master Andrea Gottfried and organized by the Jewish Community of Pisa.
"This year we invented some novelty. A widespread exhibition is a treasure hunt - said the curator of the exhibition Andrea Gottfried -, children and their parents can look for signs left by the great Luzzati Master. "
The 21st Nessiah Festival is a true tribute to the figure and art of Emanuele Luzzati, one of the most renowned Italian illustrators, set designers and designers, who at 10 years of his disappearance continues to fascinate the young and the great with his theatrical, editorial and animated works, and with its colors ... the colors of magic.
All appointments are, as always, free. Info: www.festivalnessiah.it
From November 26th to December 17th, shows widespread:
The Magic Potty - History Through Food - to the Gipsoteca of Ancient Art.
Silhouettes - Painted and Fabric Wood Characters - to the Gipsoteca of Ancient Art.
Theatrical Maquette - The Tradition Theater - Blue Palace, Grotesque Hall.
Jerusalem - Arsenal Cineclub - Film Sketches of Jerusalem.
Theatrical Costumes - Arsenal Cineclub - Dress the fairy tales.
Sunday, November 26 - Emanuele Luzzati - The Colors of Magic. At 5.30 pm the inauguration at the Gipsoteca D'Arte Antica di Pisa, Piazza San Paolo all'Orto. Introduced Sergio Noberini, Luzzati Museum Director
20.30 Yulzari's Tres Vozes concert. Trip between Tango, Classical Tradition and Jewish Music. A unique blend of three melodic and expressive instruments: bandoneon (Victor Hugo Villena), double bass (Remy Yulzari) and voice (Xenia D'Ambrosio), which explore the subtle boundaries between tango, classical tradition and Jewish music. Tres Vozes of Yulzari can demonstrate the kinship between Judeo-Spanish songs, the "Coplas Sefardies," and the tango, gently discovering their interwoven roots. The three soloists, who meet to explore the resonances of the past in the present, propose a very personal and original vision, but also contemporary of a rich and fascinating musical heritage.
Wednesday, November 29th at Pisa, Cineclub Arsenale. Hours 18.15, Film Jerusalem. The House of Projection Sound with Designs and Designs by Emanuele Luzzati
Sunday 3rd December
Pisa, Ancient art plaster. 5.30 pm cooking show - The colors of Jewish cuisine with chef Giovanni Terracina. In collaboration with: Festival Gusto Kosher
Pisa, Synagogue at 20.30, Jewish Experience Concert. Gabriele Coen - Francesco Poeti. Journey to the Jewish Cultural Imaginary. The Colors of Magic XXI Edition
Wednesday 6th December at Cascina at Teatro Politeama. At 20.30, concert of Esuli and Hikers. Ashira Ensemble
Sunday, December 10th in Pisa, Ancient Art Gipsoteca. 17.30, Operetta The Princess of the Cage by E. Kalman. Production of Fuoriopera. One of the most accomplished operettes, a striking example of the great versatility of Jewish music. An unusual set-up that moves away from the classic canonical opera rehearsals and will be the grand finale of the 2017 festival.
A Little History of the Festival - The Nessiah Festival, a Jewish "journey", was born in 1997 by the happy intuition of Andrea Gottfried, then young pianist and orchestra conductor who, with the support of the Jewish Community of Pisa, first tour of 3 concerts in the Tuscan town. Over the years, the Festival grows in geography (coming to Lucca and Livorno) and in quality, thanks in particular to the participation of the Fondazione CaRiPi (today Fondazione Pisa), which guarantees its stability through multi-year conventions. The only festival of its kind in the national panorama, Nessiah is a point of reference and a milestone for all those artists who have transformed research into Jewish cultural heritage into a professional project of art, culture, spirituality and popularity. Great international artists and young experimenters, affirmed celebrities and newcomers have populated the billboards of various editions by deciding on the themes that have happened over the years. The ultimate goal has always been to explore and tell Jewish culture in all its facets, showing the richness of its millennial history and the variety of traditions of different places. Music, theater, cinema, literature, cooking, dance and many others are the ingredients that each year blend to create a festival that involves the city and territory in a true virtuous synergy that connects theaters and historic hotels, concert halls, former churches have become theaters and of course the synagogue.
Festival Nessiah 2017 was realized: with the contribution of: Pisa Foundation, Tuscany Region, Pisa City, Ucei.
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