Concert of Angels in the Church of St Nicholas

Concerto degli Angeli nella Chiesa di San Nicola
Concerto degli Angeli nella Chiesa di San Nicola
Chiesa di San Nicola
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On Monday 5 June, at 7 p.m., the 'Concert of Angels' will be held at the Church of San Nicola, featuring the Allegro Choir of Kansas CIty and the Little Singers of San Nicola.

Referred to as the "voice of angels" in Kansas City, the 200-strong Allegro Choir will be in Pisa with a selection of around fifty young people for this great and unique occasion. Since '99, the 'Allegro' choirs have inspired thousands of spectators each year locally, nationally and internationally, thanks to their varied repertoire and exciting performances. The choir will be conducted by the Founder, Ms Elsner, and Mr Piazza with Ms Cramer at the piano. The choir will share some pieces with the Piccoli Cantori di San Nicola and Santa Lucia.