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An event organized by Chocomoments in collaboration with Confesercenti Toscana Nord and with the patronage of the municipality of Pisa.
In the heart of the city there will be chocolate artisans with their specialties. Tastings, cooking shows, lessons for adults and workshops for children are just some of the surprises expected in the most delicious event of the year.
Everything is ready for the chocolate market exhibition with stands always open where you can discover the rich assortment of tasty pralines, milk tablets, fondant and flavored, spreads, chocolate liqueurs, the delicious sacher and the everlasting crepes with cream and chocolate hot. Also for lovers of "food of the gods" there are also chocolate sculptures, hearts and many small refined creations to be enjoyed.
Among the attractions of the party there is also the Chocolate Factory, a structure that shows directly all the stages of processing chocolate with the path of knowledge Choco Word Educational.