Porto Marina Di Pisa
Porto Marina Di Pisa
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Presentation of the book by Orso Tosco "Waiting for the shipwrecked" (minimum fax).
The event is included in the Marenia Non Solo Mare billboard, a review promoted by the Municipality of Pisa, with the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa the collaboration of the Fondazione Teatro Verdi in Pisa and the support of Confcommercio Provincia di Pisa, Confesercenti Toscana Nord, Proloco Litorale Pisano and Officine Garibaldi. With the support of the pharmaceutical group Pisano PharmaNutra, sole sponsor for the fifth consecutive year.
Among the participants in a wild celebration that ends with a collective suicide, Max is the only one not to pull the trigger. And yet the end is near, for everyone. The war is looming, and the shipwrecks are coming. In a few months, what initially appeared only a handful of madmen grew so relentless, so much to subvert the entire global order. The only characteristic that binds its components is the abandonment of all verbal communication. The Shipwrecks express themselves through their actions, actions that are violent, destructive, definitive. To kill himself or be killed, one place is worth the other, Massimo knows it well. But at the last moment he decides to spend the little time he has left with his father, Piero, confined to the Hospice San Giuda, a sanatorium set among the valleys of an inland that is very similar to that of Liguria. Massimo has never been able to accept the illness of his father, but now, feeling equally doomed, it is he who needs her presence. A similar change of perspective will also allow other inhabitants of Hospice withstand the weight of despair. Whether it's Doctor Malandra, a shy morphinomaniac surgeon; of Guido, nurse, alcoholic, ultras; Olga, sister battling happiness and against their own past, everyone will understand the last, possible truth: that there can be hope, no hope.
With a powerful style and through continuous trespassing in the fantastic, Bear Tosco manages to give us a very real representation of the secret motivations that drive us to live, until the last breath. And, perhaps, even later.
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