National gathering of Harry Potter fans

Raduno nazionale fan di Harry Potter
Raduno nazionale fan di Harry Potter
Cittadella Galileiana
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The Gathering for Harry Potter fans organised by the Caput Draconis Association, under the patronage of the Municipal Administration of Pisa, will be held this year in Pisa at the Cittadella Galileiana, and will last six days, from 27 August to 1 September. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry equal to that of Hogwarts. The event, which takes place every year in a different city and records hundreds of participants for each edition, was presented this morning at a press conference at Palazzo Gambacorti. It was presented by the councillor for culture together with representatives of the Caput Draconis Association, of which Lia Pallone is president.

The event will open on 27 August with the classic Sorting Ceremony in the Sala Grande, followed by lectures such as: Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, Spells, Astronomy and other activities such as The Duelists' Club, Quidditch and various games. On the other hand, there will be no spaces dedicated to commercial activities.

Lessons will be central because, although "magical", it is still a "school" that includes study time, homework and, for those who wish to take them (and surprisingly, there are a lot of adhesions), final exams. With this event, the Association has always tried to convey concepts and notions of a cultural level, spendable in everyday life, using teachers who are qualified in their teaching field. This year, for example, there will be a lecture by the Physics Department of the University of Pisa on astronomy. Parallel to the various activities on the programme there will also be live role-playing, with a story unfolding annually at the gatherings. On those days, the participants, playing themselves as students of a magical school, will have to discover and solve, through the riddles and various games proposed, the mystery presented at the Gathering, role-playing live at all times when the other activities (games, lectures and Quidditch) are not taking place. The plot will have to be unravelled before everything concludes with the proclamation of the winning House that will win the coveted House Cup.

Like any cultural association, participation in the event is restricted to members only, so in order to participate, interested persons must pay a membership fee of €16, which can also be paid on site during the days of the gathering. Participation is permitted for persons aged 14 and over; in the case of minors, a signed authorisation form from their parents or guardians is required. Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will sign for them and may therefore only attend the activities.

The programme from 27 August to 1 September

The 2022 gathering of the Caput Draconis Association, entitled 'Lightning Strike', will be held at the Cittadella Galileiana.

The activities indicated as 'Plot' in the programme indicate the moments reserved for the development of role-playing.

The activities indicated as "The Headmistress informs" in the programme indicate daily summary moments provided by the Headmistress to the students, fundamental to the understanding and immersion in the role-playing game.

Saturday 27 August

15:00-16:30: Opening and Sorting Ceremony

16:30-18:00: Spellcasting Lesson

18:00-20:00: Plot

20:00-21:30: Dinner

21:30: Astronomy Lesson

Sunday 28 August

09:30: Headmistress informs

10:00-11:00: Quidditch

11:30-13:00: Care of Magical Creatures lesson

13:00-15:00: Lunch

15:00-17:00: Divination Lesson

17:00-18:30: Plot

18:30-19:30: Quidditch

20:00-21:30: Dinner

21:30: Evening activity

Monday 29 August

09:00: Headmistress informs

09:30-11:00: Plot

11:00-13:00: History of Advanced Magic Lecture

13:00-15:00: Lunch

15:00-17:30: Potions Lesson

17:30-20:00: Plot

20:00-21:30: Dinner

21:30: Duelists' Club

Tuesday 30 August

09:00: Headmistress informs

09:00-11:00: Ancient Runes Lesson

11:00-13:00: Plot

13:00-15:00: Lunch

15:00-17:30: Defence Against the Dark Arts lecture

17:30-20:00: Plot

20:00-21:30: Dinner

22:00: Log Ball

Wednesday 31 August

10:00: Headmistress informs

10:05-13:00 : Plot

13:00-15:00: Lunch

15:00-17:00: Magic Chess

17:00-20:00: Plot

20:00-21:30: Dinner

Thursday 1 September

08:30-09:30: G.U.F.O. exams

09:30 a.m.: Principal informs

09:30-11:00: End of year exams, 6th year and M.A.G.O.

11:00: Award ceremony of the House Cup, thanks and greetings


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