Lumen City Exposition

Lumen City Exposition
Lumen City Exposition
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Six photographs transformed into posters, 6x3 meters in size, depicting some of the most dramatic moments of the blockade and the Coronavirus emergency will be posted on the walls of Pisa.

In their own way, authentic symbols of the historical moment we are experiencing, from complex intensive care facilities, to the fatigue of the volunteers of the Red Cross up to the celebrity image of doctors and nurses in the rush of the hospital or in the sanitation of Piazza dei Miracoli that made the world Tour. The billboard, scheduled from July 16 to July 31, will be in via Volta, Battisti (two), piazza Santa Caterina, Cottolengo and Porta a Mare.

This is the photojournalism and visual information project of the Lumen association, in collaboration with the Municipality of Pisa, which involved professionals such as the war photojournalist Gabriele Micalizzi, the Getty Images photographer Laura Lezza, the nurse photographer Paolo Miranda, the photographer of the Contrasto agency Francesco Cocco, Enrico Mattia Del Punta and Francesca Pettinato.