Concert in Piazza dei Miracoli

Concerto in Piazza dei Miracoli
Concerto in Piazza dei Miracoli
Piazza dei Miracoli
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As part of the June Pisan events, the Municipality and the Questura di Pisa have organised a concert by the prestigious State Police Band, in the evocative setting of Piazza dei Miracoli. The concert, to be held on Sunday 26 June at 9 p.m., will be attended by the highest authorities, will be open to all citizens of Pisa, and is intended to bear witness to the strong bond between the State Police and the city, in line with the claim 'Together, among the people' that characterises the daily actions of police officers at the service of citizens. The event, realised thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Pisa and the contribution of the sponsors Pisa Chamber of Commerce, Devitalia Telecomunicazioni of Vecchiano, Assicurazioni Generali agency of Pisa, Samovar Viaggi of Capannoli and SIB-Sindacato Italiano Balneari, will be presented by journalist Simona Giuntini.