Antonella Scarfone Art Gallery

Antonella Scarfone Art Gallery
Antonella Scarfone Art Gallery
Antonella Scarfone Art Gallery
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After the exhibition dedicated to frottage master Paolo Medici, the Antonella Scarfone Art Gallery reopens its doors with a new layout and presents its new entries:

Andrea Berni - Rossana Borzelli - Rosso Emerald Crimson - Gennifer Deri - Irene Giannaccini - Laura Grosso

Who join the already established artists of the Scarfone stable:

Allén - Massimo Chiti - Françoise De felice - Alba Dieni - Massimo Ferrari - Marco Lodola - Paolo Medici - Mart Signed - Paolo Staccioli - Skim - Andy Warhol

The exhibition is an explosion of warm and vibrant colors, where red takes center stage, in all its declinations, from soft red to wine red to bright coppery. Where textural oil brushstrokes alternate with the synthetic colors of prints and those lit by LEDs. Where the whiteness of Carrara marble alternates with oriental raku ceramics and bronze. It is a harmonious symphony of styles from different countries and different cultures that nonetheless tell the same story: Man, Human Being.

The exhibition is open until the 31 December 2023, Tuesday through Saturday from 4 to 7 p.m. at Lungarno Gambacorti 29/30, Pisa.

For appointments:
Mobile +39 3476536819