Pur Bella la Vita. Music in the historical places of Pisa

Pur Bella la Vita. Musiche nei luoghi storici di Pisa
Pur Bella la Vita. Musiche nei luoghi storici di Pisa
Museo delle Navi Antiche
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The appointment with "Pur bella la vita. Musiche nei luoghi storici di Pisa", the musical event with which the Sant'Anna High School Alumni and Alumni Associations intend to bring musical research to some of the most significant historical places in Pisa, is back.

This year, the festival returns with performances dedicated to the great personalities and artists who, in various ways, have entered the collective imagination as symbols of the difficulty of living and being recognised in their homeland "Nemo propheta in patria". 

After the extraordinary success of the first part of the year, the alumni present the prose and music performance "Vincenti Van Gogh. Letters to Theo' performed by actor Blas Roca Rey with the participation of Luciano Tristaino and his flutes. Van Gogh, another great artist cursed in life by an adverse and cruel fate; insane and therefore marginalised, only after death did he receive the just redemption and recognition of his sublime art. The first event will be held on 15 October at 5 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Museo delle Navi Antiche in Pisa.

Blas Roca Rey recounts the human story and the fantastic, tender and desperate world that emerges from the many letters Vincent wrote to his beloved brother Theo, an art dealer, who cared for him all his life. A crazy, almost indomitable vital energy. An awareness, at times excruciating, of being different from others. In everything. In living, in human relationships, but above all in art. Roca Rey, an actor in theatre, film and television, appears here as director and with absolute essentiality makes Vincent's 'Letters' become true poetry. Luciano Tristaino, an internationally renowned musician and lecturer at the 'R. Franci' Conservatory of Siena, comments on the story with his golden flute and other flutes, proposing music ranging from Telemann to Piazzolla with some inserts of pure and fantastic improvisation.

Admission free on reservation at purbellalavita@gmail.com

Further appointments:

  • Sunday 19 November, 5 p.m., 'Rigoletto, the fatal curse' at the Church of Sant'Anna;
  • Sunday 3 December, 5.00 p.m., "Usigliano-USA, the one-way journey of Mario-Castelnuovo Tedesco" at the Church of Sant'Anna.