Per Tono Zancanaro. Exhibition at the Graphics Museum

Per Tono Zancanaro. Mostra al Museo della Grafica
Per Tono Zancanaro. Mostra al Museo della Grafica
Museo della Grafica
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The Graphics Museum hosts the exhibition 'Per Tono Zancanaro', curated by Alice Tavoni and created as part of the initiatives linked to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The exhibition, set up on the ground floor of Palazzo Lanfranchi, presents a selection of particularly significant works by the Paduan master, as well as a number of documents - including historical photographs, brochures, catalogues and newspaper articles - preserved among the papers of the Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe (Drawings and Prints Cabinet). A stimulating itinerary that, through Zancanaro's graphics - mainly lithographs and etchings - offers the visitor a gallery of female figures, from the protagonists of the Divine Comedy, to the Lombard mondine, to the suggestive celebrations of the myth of the Sicilian land and Magna Graecia.

Opening times: Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.