To Giuseppe Viviani. Homage to the prince of boccadarno

Per Giuseppe Viviani. Omaggio al Principe di Boccadarno
Per Giuseppe Viviani. Omaggio al Principe di Boccadarno
Museo Della Grafica
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To crown the anthological exhibition "The colors of the soul. Giuseppe Viviani (1898-1965)", which ended on 25 June and which aroused great interest from the public and critics for having for the first time represented all aspects of the multifaceted personality of the Pisan artist, now opens "Per Giuseppe Viviani. Homage to the Prince of Boccadarno", a suggestive exhibition of 51 Italian engravers who have executed one or more works inspired by his poetic world.

It will be presented a range of engravings and woodcuts that constitute a kind of diary, an atlas of the ideal journey of artists through the rooms of the Museum of Graphics of Palazzo Lanfranchi animated by paintings, engravings and drawings that were the figurative stations, the memorial aedicules of the long path of Giuseppe Viviani.

The contemporary engravers invited to this interview with the Pisan Master belong to different linguistic and expressive currents and have worked in absolute autonomy and respect for their personal language. It is therefore interesting to check what of the sensitivity and poetic world of Giuseppe Viviani have assumed because of their tribute, inspired by places such as Marina di Pisa and Boccadarno, to the creative presences such as dogs, gulls, flowers and fig leaves, to recurring objects such as chairs, orthopedic legs and hunting prints that always inhabit his works.

The exhibition will be open from Saturday 29 August to Sunday 15 October 2023, with hours: Monday-Sunday, from 10.00 to 20.00.

The inauguration will be held Saturday 29 August 2023 at 5.30p.m.