NavigArte 2023

NavigArte 2023
NavigArte 2023
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All set for the XIII edition of "NavigArte. Navigations between dance, music, visual arts at the Porta del Mar", the international festival to be held in Pisa from 8 September to 13 October, born in 2011 from an idea of Con.Cor.D.A./Movimentoinactor, with the artistic direction of Flavia Bucciero, supported by Regione Toscana, Fondazione Pisa, Comune di Pisa, UniCoopFi and realized with the collaboration of University of Pisa,  Fondazione Cerratelli, R.A.T. 

The pride of the Festival, the two-day program at Giardino Scotto (8-9 September), a proposal of dance performances by nationally and internationally renowned companies: the Ballet of Turin with "Studio per Aliseo" (8 September), the Compagnia Anma of Brescia with "The immortal" (9 September) and the Mandala Dance Company with "Rites of Passage" (9 September). Great expectations for the new show of the Company hostess Con.Cor.D.A./Movimentoinactor dedicated to the legend of Colapesce, with the beautiful and engaging music by Antonello Paliotti (8 September). International guest of the festival, the Company ProArt of the Czech Republic staged on September 22 with "Bez Doteku (No touch)", choreography by Martin Dvořák and music by Jitka Břízová. A show that connects a dancer who plays the violin and a violinist who dances. And as every year there will be proposals for younger audiences as "Eves" of the Compagnia Natiscalzi of Reggio Emilia (29 September), a show that brings together theater-dance and astronomy. 

The program. 

It starts Friday, September 8 at 7.30p.m. at the Scotto Garden with the "Studio per Aliseo" of the Ballet of Turin. In the show curated by Manfredi Perego Danza and Nadja Guesewell, Aliseo is a wind that for its characteristics is a metaphor of a journey of transformation, without beginning, without end. At 20.00 goes on stage the Company hostess Con.Cor.D.A./Movimentoinactor with the show "The Ballad of Colapesce" with the extraordinary music of Antonello Paliotti and choreography by Flavia Bucciero. A production realized thanks to the support of mic and Municipality of Naples that tells the legend handed down from oral materials and writings of Sicilian, Neapolitan and Spanish origin, collected and elaborated by the writer Giuseppe Pitrè, by Benedetto Croce, by Italo Calvino, by the philologist Maria D'Agostino. 

Saturday, September 9, the evening opens at 7.00p.m., with the choreography "Arianna and the Minotaur" by Con.Cor.D.A, free admission, in the covered stretch of the Walls of the Scotto Garden, recently restored, a unique opportunity to blend place and art, in collaboration with Le Mura di Pisa . Visitors of the Walls, showing the ticket, can access the shows of the Festival with a reduction.It continues at 19.30 with the Company Anma of Brescia with "The immortal". The choreographer Antonella Massussi presents the return of the artistic residence at the Consorzio Con.Cor.D.A. in Teatri di Danza e delle Arti in Pisa for the Artists in the Territories Project. A work inspired by the story "The Immortal" by J.L. Borges, a journey into the realm of consciousness that goes to the limits of human nature.

Follows at 20.00 the show of the Company Mandala Dance "Rites of passage" in which Paola Sorressa realizes a dedication to Lucien Bruchon, inspired by the sacredness of all those moments that mark the passage to different existential phases or mark the evolution of the individual himself in this earthly life to the passage to new dimensions.  It will then be the Compagnia Balletto di Sardegna/Asmed to stage on September 22 at 21.00 at Teatri di Danza e delle Arti in Corte Sanac "Ikaro" a studio two danced by Flavia Giuliani and Salvatore Sciancalepore, a work rich in visual suggestions and references to myth between dystopian environments, emotional sounds, futuristic apparitions. Following at 21.30 is the highly anticipated show of the Czech Company ProART with "Bez Doteku (No touch)" - choreography by Martin Dvořák and music by Jitka Břízová - a show that connects a dancer playing the violin and a violinist dancing. And it speaks of proximity, distance, connection, separation. In music, in movement, in space.

Sunday, September 24 at 5.30p.m. in Piazza S.Caterina there is "Piazza in Danza" an invitation to all/ i and all generations to join us in a community dance. A public event to find yourself living the city through dance and music, realized in collaboration with the Centro Polivalente di S.Zeno and with the participation of students/ and the Liceo Musicale G.Carducci, directed by Francesco Dell'Omo, playing musical instruments made from recycled materials.  The event is promoted by APID Toscana (Associazione Professionale Italiana danzamovimentoterapia).  A proposal suitable for children is that of the Compagnia Natiscalzi of Reggio Emilia. "Eves" by Tommaso Monza and Claudia Rossi Valli is a dance and astronomy theater show, halfway between scientific popularization and a sense of the sublime for the cosmos, typical of poetry , which is scheduled for September 29 at 21.00. On October 5, the theatre company "Chille de la balanza" of Florence returns to Pisa with "Sono solo suoni" by and with Sara Chieppa. A project that comes from stories of personal experiences, fragments of words, thoughts, fears and poems of those who have known the meaning of the word "sick".

12 October free admission to Theatres of Dance and Arts "Crisalide" video artist Silvio Sgueglia, the return of an artistic residence, hosted by CON.COR.D.A. Closes the Festival the show "Dialoghi impossibili Merini/Campana" of the Con.Cor.D.A./Movimentoinactor Company (13 October). A fascinating tribute to two voices, among the most intense of Italian poetry of the '900.


x 2 shows per evening at the Scotto Garden 

Full price   € 10 Reduced price* € 8  

x shows in Theatres of Dance and Arts 

Full price   € 7 Reduced* € 5

* (university students, Coop members, residents Porta a mare - Cep - Barbaricina, children, students dance, music and theater schools)

In case of bad weather, the shows scheduled at the Scotto Garden, will be realized at Teatro di Danza e delle Arti-Corte Sanac, 97-98-Pisa



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